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  1. Well today I turn 22 and...I don't feel any older or younger :P

    Anyway lists of things I'm doing for my birthday:
    -Eat cheesecake!
    -Make a speedmap(which I already did yesterday and upload it to incoming just before making this blog)
    -replay through Ultimate DOOM & DOOM2 on UV
    -replay through as many favorite NES & SNES games I could play in 1 day
    -Eat MORE cheesecake!
    -Eat EVEN MORE cheesecake!
    -...FUCK I have work in 5 hours!

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    2. lupinx-Kassman
    3. Pavera


      Happy Birthday.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Fuck yeah cheesecake, fuck yeah birthday!

      What retro games are on the cards?

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