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  1. bump

    One of the names I got off this is "CHURCH OF SATAN", which is an actual church.


    ARENA CITY - Deathmatch idea.
    DEAD MINES OF DEATH - Redundancy. It's what's for dinner.
    EVIL LAB OF EVIL - Another redundant name.
    CYBERDEMON FLESH - inb4 Maes
    EVIL SATAN'S PIT - ...
    UNDER CITY - Blizzard should sue.
    BEYOND THE VILE FLESH - Sequel to Vile Flesh.
    ALTAR OF THE SATAN'S CITY - That makes no sense.

  2. Post any WAD ideas you might come up with.

    Relic - In fact, I'm working on that now! The premise is that a UAAF academy student asks to be sent to investigate a distress call in a UAC base and is sent there. The name "Relic" just stuck because of the Doom II mapping style I use, and it's still a working title.

    Doomguy in Intellectual Property Theft - This would be a project to see how many references of other media I could cram into a PWAD. If it could be categorized like a fangame such as Sonic Robo Blast 2, then I guess I'll actually carry through with it. It's not like I'm selling it anyway.

    Post away!

  3. What I meant was "piracy". The way I see it, in any case, is that it would be one thing to be playing an old NES game on your computer, but by emulating any new consoles like the PS2 or DS, you might as well as have stolen a game from GameStop or BestBuy.

    It's really not like Sega would make money off some obscure Genesis game from 1992 unless they had some museum/arcade where people could walk in, pay a fee, and play the games.

    And I do "get" copyright infringement/violation. Copyright infringement (or copyright violation) is the unauthorized or prohibited use of works covered by copyright law, in a way that violates one of the copyright owner's exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works.

    So it both pertains to piracy and IP theft.

  4. Some people here would disagree, but I don't see how ZDoom deviates from the 1993/1994 masterpiece, besides some technical differences. I might understand Skulltag for all the crap it added, like railguns and runes (still a good mod). PrBoom and Eternity are usually hyped here for classic gameplay and demo recording, and if you want to make an old-school map and want to test for compatibility, Chocolate/Vanilla Doom.

  5. Rob/White Zombie is awesome! Always has been for me!

    [i]Csonicgo (whatever the fuck his name is) wrote:
    Hey, It's not dumb when you realize that the brain best sorts memories by smells. Guess what comes up in my mind when I pass a ruptured sewage line?

    Besides, the "metal" I heard that day could have been white noise and would have had the same musical value. It was just shitty, shitty music to begin with.

    You have much to learn, young Padawan. Death/black metal can be good if it's not just the cookie monster having an aneurysm as you've described it. Celtic Frost is the best Death Metal band I've heard so far.

    A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh

    Circle of the Tyrants

    These are a couple songs I like from them.

    I can't really find any metal that sounds like what Csonicgo described earlier, so I'll assume YT decided to spare the internet of "music to listen to while smelling shit".

    And I still like power metal and NWOBHM. You can't change that, so shove it.

  6. I oughta try Operation C via emulator. The way I see emulators, they're good for try-before-buy, so you don't blow your money on a cartridge and end up not liking the game. I also like the idea that every game in the world is playable on a computer. I don't really see them as an outlet for freeloaders who don't want to pay for games.

    They're also good if there's an extremely rare game that goes for $800 on eBay that you like to play, but see $800 as an unreasonable price.

    I know some people see emulation as copyright infringement, like whoever enforces these are really going to care about some game from 1992 when the guy next door is playing a bootleg of Modern Warfare 2.

  7. Viewtiful-Chris said:

    I already consider basic zDOOM to be gaming perfection, and I ardently dislike OpenGL.

    I just see GL as a gimmick that's not really needed. Most of my engines are software-based (Skulltag has GL mode but I never use it. Every time it reboots my computer when I quit).

    But it really depends on what you want. For classic gameplay, use Boom, PrBoom, Eternity, Chocolate Doom, or play vanilla Doom in DOSBox. ZDoom and Skulltag are great for modding.

    And spleen, if you're going hardware for the new renderer, you could use 3D models, and even if it's just software, 3D models would be useful in the process.

  8. Gameplay (again) - I would really like it to emphasize exact tactics, where if you make one wrong move and you're fucked, instead of "Okay, 50 Revenants, 10 Cyberdemons, and an assload of ammo and weapons. Let's do this! LEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JENKINS!" I also don't really mind the detail level as long as it's not plain or ugly. I would probably make some cover in the map09 boss in my project, complete with little "windows" for shooting.

  9. Well, I suppose I'll just ignore the shitfests then (if only to protect my last shred of dignity), and try to carry on with this topic.

    FPS - Semi-pro level. I've beaten several FPSes and I'd agree that the classics, like Doom, Duke, and Hexen are the best. I even got DOSBox to play the original System Shock and maybe Wolfenstein because my computer has shitty OpenGL.

    Game hacking/development - Amateur. I've done some shitty Mario ROM hacks back when I was 12 but they're wiped off the internet now. I might also download Game Maker for the purpose of creating a bullet hell shooter based on Doom (Knee-deep in Bullets), and I'll probably teach myself C++ so I can reverse engineer DoomRL and make WolfRL, a Wolfenstein-themed roguelike. Doom modding counts too. When I teach myself the C tree, I'll probably attempt to make a Doom source port for Sega Saturn as a challenge because 1) The Saturn is a very hard console to develop for and 2) the Sega Genesis idea isn't going to work so well.

    Roguelikes - Considerable experience, but a long way to go before expertise. Dorf Fortress boggled my mind and I've never gotten very far in an RL besides Dweller, but maybe it has to do with half the roguelikes shrouding the identity of items and making me drink a potion that'll turn me into a bat when I just wanted healing, and maybe Hell Arena on DoomRL, but I'm always open to the genre, just as with most other things.*

    Music - I like all kinds of metal just so long as it isn't what people stereotype it as - random guitar thrashing and drum banging backed by the cookie monster having an aneurysm. If I like the sound of something, I listen to it. That's why I'm able to enjoy certain genres that seem reviled here, like power metal, NWOBHM, etc.

    M:TG -
    Internet search for rules - Free
    Buying several booster packs in hopes of getting powerful cards - Variable
    The thought of having an edge in competitive play with your ultra-powerful creature burn combo deck - Priceless
    I've actually been tempted to do a R/W/U creature-burn deck...IN AMERICA! Maybe someday. I know some good, Aggro-Control combos between those three colors, which would totally own your not American deck, because it's not American.

    *Okay, so I admit to wrongly stereotyping death/black metal as a garbage can with a rubber ball inside being shaken vigorously, but it all was an honest mistake getting all pissy over it and I apologize to DoomWorld Forums for my recent attitude and I hope to see and participate in more intelligent conversations here.

  10. Metroid 2
    Megaman (any of them)
    Pokemon R/U
    Solar Striker (if only for being the closest thing to bullet hell on GB)
    Tetris and Tetris 2
    And the grand daddy of GB Mono games, Super Mario Land.

    I also like some GBC games like Pokemon Silver and Donkey Kong Country, but since this is about the Mono, I won't get into those

  11. GhostlyDeath said:

    Just give me a berserk and I'll make quick work of your 5,000,000,000 Revanants (provided you use a source port that supports that many monsters).

    I hope your computer can handle nuts.wad at a decent framerate. If not you have no hope against 500000000 revs.

  12. I don't even like how over half the topics in EE are just facist shitfests these days, but I only try to post my opinion on matters...ah fuck it. EE will always be a shitfest in my eyes as long as this forum has a broken rules system.

    I'm sticking to the Doom-related sections now. Now I don't really care what you think of me in EE...

  13. I'm not an idiot for claiming I'm using a pirated Doom 2 WAD. I'm not afraid of some copyright law having me arrested or otherwise punished for piracy. If anything, I'd be an idiot If I honestly believe that because a "free" or pirated copy of a game exists, then the game will lose value. Doom2 doesn't cost any less not than it did when people pirated it.