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  1. I figured I'd keep you Doomers updated to my project every Sunday. In the last few days, this project has undergone some changes, but is still not ready for release.

    The project will require TNT.WAD
    Map32 moved to Map07
    Map08 finished
    Map09 in progress
    Map04 and Map05 are completely going to change because they're shit looking back.
    Some textures may change between maps just to abuse TNT's textures.

    Development is at a snail pace because of other priorities (or because I have a life outside of editing) and because I'm not a speedmapper.

    Screens of MAP04:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Technician


      Quiet, Khorus, those lights are awesome.

    3. esselfortium


      Technician said:

      Quiet, Khorus, those lights are awesome.

      I respectfully disagree.

    4. Malinku


      meh looks like its at a very rough state

      but you should change the texture on the side of the lights it doesn't fir the fest of the room