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  1. No, this isn't a blog about how I landed a job in a chocolate factory. This is about my victory over Doom E1 in Chocolate Doom (UV Mode).

    E1M1 - Easy shit. Hit the switch, grab blue armor, kill shit, get secret shotgun, exit.

    E1M2 - Got all the secrets without IDCLIP for the first time, but only because I did IDBEHOLDA (Allmap). First Soulsphere and Chainsaw.

    E1M3 - I knew the route to the secret level like the back of my hand. Proceed to E1M9.

    E1M9 - Found some more shit during this run.

    E1M4 - This is where the game started getting harder. I've had to pistol start this level because I didn't want to bother going all the way back to E1M3 then E1M9 just because I forgot to save.

    E1M5 - Ha Ha finally remembered to save!

    E1M6 - I wonder why I never remember these mazes. Another pistol start.

    E1M7 - I must have tried at least ten times, but during these attempts I found out that I have a talent with the Rocket Launcher.

    E1M8 - Specters ruined my battle against the Bruiser Brothers (Two Barons of Hell, according to the Doom Bible), but after three attempts, this was completed.

    Next stop, The Shores of Hell!

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Ralphis said:

      Even if you did just mean on those walkways anyway you're still wrong!

      On the whole, yes. The mouse turning will make up for lack of variable sensitivity in the keyboard. However, with turning/aiming taken out of the equation, an analog stick has better control than pressing buttons on a keyboard that are not pressure sensitive.

      How about if I put it this way: do you agree that two analog sticks provides better control than a keyboard only setup?

    3. Maes


      DuckReconMajor said:

      How about if I put it this way: do you agree that two analog sticks provides better control than a keyboard only setup?

      Depends what you do with the two sticks and whether we're talking about vanilla Doom with no freelook/freeaim. The only sure thing is that they are superior to the keyboard for RC vehicle and aircraft sims ;-)

      If I were to replace just the directional arrows with one stick (analog or not) while keeping the buttons the same, I'd say it'd be pretty much the same, perhaps marginally better. The good right hand for movement, the clumsiest left hand just for button work, as it should be. No use for a second stick in this scenario.

      If I had to use Heretic or Quake 1-like keyboard view/aim controls however, then a second stick would occasionally come in handy in that role, but I would not like to have it in either hand, let lone with the added burden of a D-pad.

      Plus, I would like my hands to be spread out comfortably, instead of having my thumbs crammed in like 10 square cm^2, plus having a complex button layout to manage.

    4. exp(x)


      Analog sticks suck because it is impossible to move them along only the coordinate axes without having a diagonal component. In this regard, a keyboard is much more precise.

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