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  1. No, this isn't a blog about how I landed a job in a chocolate factory. This is about my victory over Doom E1 in Chocolate Doom (UV Mode).

    E1M1 - Easy shit. Hit the switch, grab blue armor, kill shit, get secret shotgun, exit.

    E1M2 - Got all the secrets without IDCLIP for the first time, but only because I did IDBEHOLDA (Allmap). First Soulsphere and Chainsaw.

    E1M3 - I knew the route to the secret level like the back of my hand. Proceed to E1M9.

    E1M9 - Found some more shit during this run.

    E1M4 - This is where the game started getting harder. I've had to pistol start this level because I didn't want to bother going all the way back to E1M3 then E1M9 just because I forgot to save.

    E1M5 - Ha Ha finally remembered to save!

    E1M6 - I wonder why I never remember these mazes. Another pistol start.

    E1M7 - I must have tried at least ten times, but during these attempts I found out that I have a talent with the Rocket Launcher.

    E1M8 - Specters ruined my battle against the Bruiser Brothers (Two Barons of Hell, according to the Doom Bible), but after three attempts, this was completed.

    Next stop, The Shores of Hell!

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    2. Maes


      Jodwin said:

      Chasm's walkways are much easier with mouse turning than without. Gamepads are much worse for anything that requires sensitive controls and keyboard alone is clumsy.

      That. No matter how well-versed you're with a certain controller, certain aspects of its maximum theoretical performance are limited by the sheer physics, logical limitations and even limitations in human mobility: e.g. you can't control steering as precisely with an on-off button as with an analog controller.

      Then again, you can't have the same precision that you get with a mouse (which you grasp with a whole hand and barely move around) using a thumb-operated lever with much more of a dead zone and a return spring, while using the other fingers for other buttons.

      Two extreme examples of this: controlling a (simulated) RC heli or even a car in a driving game is much easier with a "dual shock" type gamepad or a plugged in Tx (which do have similarities) because the control sticks actually have return springs that provide automatic recovery, while with a mouse it's much harder because you get no automatic recovery nor feedback.

      However when playing a FPS you need exactly the opposite qualities: you need control "stickiness" (no return) and hand feedback is entirely unimportant (actually it's counterproductive).

      Similarly, I once tried playing Doom with a flight sim stick: almost every movement could be mapped to the stick/keys/throttles/twist controls but it just played AWKWARDLY and unnaturally. Maybe with some serious training one could play halfway decently but would he be able to face e.g. the best mouse player in a deathmatch? No fucking way.

      Now if someone claims that he plays better with a controller that has an overall inferior performance in that field (deducible by physical/logical reasoning and community feedback), then that just means he's not playing at his full potential, and is actually hindered by an inferior control whereas he could do better.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      I understand all this crap already, jeez. I know mouse and keyboard will always be better in FPS situations. I was saying I don't think The Chasm will be the nightmare with the controller E4M2 was, in response to Danarchy's statement.

      Breathe, people.

    4. Ralphis


      DuckReconMajor said:

      Maybe if you'd read what I quoted you'd see that I was just talking about moving about on The Chasm's narrow walkways.

      Your response seems like a pretty general answer and nothing that you said indicates you were only talking about The Chasm's walkways. Even if you did just mean on those walkways anyway you're still wrong!

      Maes said:

      Don't forget that WASD with purely directional control wasn't introduced as "standard" until what, Quake 3? even if some people here claim to have single-handedly invented it back in 1993.

      I used the same setup using the arrows in the late 90s and actually stuck with using it on the arrows until this last summer when I was forced to play on a laptop. Now I use esdf and there are times that I feel the arrows worked out better for me, but that's another thing

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