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  1. My two victories over sadistic level design.

    E2M1 - Found all the secrets. Finally, a challenging level in this game.

    E2M2 - I knew where everything is from playing in ZDoom before. Beat it fairly quick.

    E2M3 - Beat this one fairly quick also.

    E2M4 - I survived. That's all that counts.

    E2M5 - I couldn't go on with just 20% health so I pistol started this level. Got to the secret level in this manner.

    E2M9 - This would have been a lot better as a boss fight or something.

    E2M6 - This level is just sadistic. But hey, it's called "Halls of the Damned" for something. Another pistol start.

    E2M7 - Beat this fairly quick. Not a very consistent episode.

    E2M8 - "Come on goat legs. I still need to vent from a couple levels ago!"

    E3M1 - I knew where everything is, so I was able to stock up, only to have it wasted next level.

    E3M2 - Pistol Start.

    E3M3 - I found it pretty easy.

    E3M4 - Wow, these names do have meaning in this game.

    E3M5 - Teleport Maze. Not so much hard as it is tedious.

    E3M6 - I knew the path to the secret level so I could have done this from pistol start. In fact, I did.

    E3M9 - This is the only place I cheated, and the only cheat I used was idmus31. This is basically Hell Keep with some shit added to it.

    E3M7 - Tedious maze + ammo shortage = tedious slog. Fighting the spider was so worth the slog though.

    E3M8 - Pistol Start for several reasons. I had 40% health when I finished E3M7 and no BFG. I figured I'd pistol start for the challenge anyway.

    That wraps up the "regular" Doom episodes for me. Next stop - Thy Flesh Consumed.

    1. printz


      Kagemaru_H said:

      E2M5 - I couldn't go on with just 20% health so I pistol started this level. Got to the secret level in this manner.

      I've always found E2M5 with fast monsters and pistol start fairly brutal. Even with slow monsters those sergeants can score some hits if you're not fast. And a bit later those two big guys from the lowering pedestals can really trap you in one of the thing scenery if you're also not fast to react.

      E2M4 can be dangerous even now, because those cacos and barons in that last circular stone area can surround me. Also great level design there, and it's not even Episode 1. It really has a 3d feel to it.

      E2M7 is like the lost brother of E2M2, really. Uncannily so, I may add. After the doom of E2M6's space horror, you're back at a realistic-looking UAC-base with lights and nice stuff.

      I've always loved E3M5. I was able to quickly understand the teleport pattern that gets me in from the cloister. I once managed to get a SUCKS time ratio looking for all those secrets in that marvelous place. The whole level has a very Heretic feel to it, and 5 barons, that's why I like it. Can be quite fun if you wake up the imps at the start (the ones from the UDoom DEMO3) by shooting your handgun, and then dashing at the teleporter. It gives you a big opportunity for combat in the open. The level completely lacks technological features (save for the obligatory exit door), and is one of the few.

      E3M7 was creepy the first time around due to that slime maze, and I like when it's remade in wads. It has very big mapper's expanding potential, and it's very hard to find modern wads that manage to look like E3M7 and not something else such as E4M5 (too much detail for E3M7 likeness). I used to dream a level similar to E3M7, but for it I need a Zomba monster (ghoulish purple very ugly skinny monstress from Scooby Doo), who shoots burning red eye beams from a building across the blood lake in the wide-open SP_HOT1 dungeon.