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  1. Leiche

    Doom Builder and .pk3 files

    Just a really quick question this time : Can doom builder 2 read .wads that are packaged in one .pk3 file ?
  2. Leiche

    Your favourite DECORATE monsters?

    k. My favourite by far is this one, not because hes highly over or underpowered, but hes truly fun to kill. :) Just make a map with 1000 on them running up to you, shoot one, and watch all of them EXPLODE. Fun.
  3. It seems my complete system was broken. After formatting C:\ and installing a new OS, it works again. Thanks for the help anyways people :D
  4. No Builder.log existant. Not even the folder is there. It seems to crash even before it can write the log. Deinstalling .net installation now. Edit: *sigh* Kappes your solution with reinstalling .net didn't work either. I am getting the same event error again.
  5. Just downloaded the newest driver from Nvidia. I still have the same issue. Maybe my .net installation is broken (altough i reinstalled it three times now >:C)
  6. Yes i have SlimDX and the .net Framework installed, and the builder.xml is existant too. Aaaaand here are my specs : http://pastebin.com/BqFP5Q2n
  7. Reinstalling the latest stable didn't work. And the nightly builds dont work either. I dont know whats going on.
  8. Well i did that, and got this
  9. I tried to start DooM builder today (haven't used it for like 3 months, did several Windows and .net updates) and it crashes with an usual Error message . http://i.imgur.com/t48QF.png Translated the bold text means : "Doom Builder has experienced a problem and had to be shut down." or something like that. However i has been able (right english grammar ?) to gather a bit of information for it, if anyone already knows how to fix it. I have no idea whats going on honestly. I'd be glad if someone can help me out. Best Regards, Corpse.