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  1. Hello, from Doomaholic!
    Doom classic has just been released for Iphone! Check the app store!

    Here you can talk about Doom Classic and what you think of it!

    Discuss good/bad features and what could be added in further updates! Wad downloads, map downloads, new online play features (possibly skulltag), etc.

    Hope you enjoy Doom classic!

    1. AndrewB


      Greetings Doomaholic, from AndrewB.

      An Iphone has never been owned by me. But you can check my future posts for possible ownership!

      Here you can talk about me not owning an Iphone and what you think of it!

      Discuss pros/cons of not owning an Iphone! Money saved, apps never used, social status hindered, etc.

      I hope you enjoy my post!

    2. Bloodshedder