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  1. 2005 or so. A god awful short story I wrote.
  2. As sexy as that pic of Chibi in your avatar mate.
  3. If so, then you can use it to literally buy a fucking 1:1 scale Doomslayer: If I recall correctly this is the same one that was at E3 and other events for a while. Pretty neat for something the price of a car.
  4. This is nothing new. Cracking into wifi has been simple as hell for ages. WPA was never a secure thing lol.
  5. 29 as of the 4th.
  6. The sequence is a little more fucked up than that. In fact there are a number of heavily fucked up things in that book that never made it in the movie...mostly because they just couldn't get away with putting that on film.
  7. Okay, so I was working on using some sound samples from the Slayer's Testament in a new track of mine when I discovered this. You have to reverse the ending the get to hear it, same as you would the Icon of Sin speech. What's it a reference too...or am I the first find this?
  8. I believe this post was in there somewhere too.
  9. I would jump on that opportunity in an instant.
  10. What the fuck was that. That movement mechanic looks absolutely ridiculous. Most shooter VR's I've tried just feel like a disaster anyway. There's no real sense of depth perception and tracking the motion of where your eyes are seeing your "hands" in game is often WAY off from what the game is seeing. Simple tasks turn into catastrophes that way. I cannot believe they took what made the new version of Doom awesome and condemned it to an on rails practically light gun game. That is quite possibly one of the more painful things I've read lately. Jesus.
  11. That is something I've wondered about as well. Surely with the current state of source ports its possible. It would be really interesting to see.
  12. Is there a reason for this cringe or...
  13. Favorite Movie Genre: Supernatural Horror/psychological thrillers. Favorite Food: Pizza because that's what healthy people amirite. Favorite Holiday: Halloween. Favorite Memory: Seems odd for this question by my favorite memory is deeply personal. I'll say that it's from the summer of 2006. Worst Memory: Finding out my mother passed away. While kicked out of the house. While family wasn't really talking to me. While having to them callously detail what happened and employ a jaded sense of relief as they never much cared for my mother due to her lifestyle choices. Yeah, that shit won't ever leave me any time soon. A slew of increasingly shitting events followed this impacting me even worse. The end of 08 and the start of 09 was a fucking shit time for me. Age: 28 Favorite Outfit: Black shirt, baggy black pants. Boots. Baggy hoodie depending on the weather. Favorite Genre Of Music: Metal. Doesn't really matter the genre. Up there is also ambient both regular and dark, as well as Synthwave and most goth/industrial stuff. Most Hated Genre of Music: Current era EDM. Bring back the house influenced EDM from around 2006 to 2008 plz. I miss that. Left Handed or Right Handed: Right. Worst Injury: Cracked left femur, hip injuries and lower spine issues after an ATV accident. Latter resulting in chronic serious back pain. Fun. Favorite Hobby: Music creation. Your Definition of Success: Everyone will define success differently, mine is personally immaterial. Success is being able to live peacefully and quietly without drama or issues from outside forces. Weird, I know, coming from a person known on here for having loudly bitched about various things on YouTube for years. In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: No.
  14. I dunno, like killing yourself over retarded online challenges?
  15. Surprised this wasn't posted already. Doesn't get much better than this.