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  1. First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    Give us a general idea of when these generations started/ended and I'll comment.
  2. This guy looks like if Alan Rickman in Die Hard and Tom Cruise in MI:2 had a baby.
  3. There are some real gems in there. Definitely saving this for later.
  4. Post a picture of yourself!

    That is an adorable snek :3
  5. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Absolutely incredible. ETA on release for this?
  6. Any music genres you prefer?

    I like a vast range of things these days. I used to stick to just metal, industrial and goth, but things branched out to stuff like IDM, ambient, experimental, retrowave, hardcore... @CARRiON Good taste in bands. We share a few similar favorites.
  7. The Children's Part of Youtube

    Okay, that really takes this up a level and by that, I mean straight into the pits of hell. I was fine with thinking this wasn't anything more than a cheap revenue scam however that Reddit thread if there's validity to it and it's not just a massive and fucked up coincidence...that terrifies me.
  8. Oldest personal file you have on the computer?

    2005 or so. A god awful short story I wrote.
  9. Got an extra $7000 lying around? (Doomguy statue)

    As sexy as that pic of Chibi in your avatar mate.
  10. If so, then you can use it to literally buy a fucking 1:1 scale Doomslayer: https://www.ebay.com/itm/292300516752 If I recall correctly this is the same one that was at E3 and other events for a while. Pretty neat for something the price of a car.
  11. RIP 802.11, 1997-2017

    This is nothing new. Cracking into wifi has been simple as hell for ages. WPA was never a secure thing lol.
  12. So, how old are you ?

    29 as of the 4th.
  13. For those who saw IT...

    The sequence is a little more fucked up than that. In fact there are a number of heavily fucked up things in that book that never made it in the movie...mostly because they just couldn't get away with putting that on film.
  14. Okay, so I was working on using some sound samples from the Slayer's Testament in a new track of mine when I discovered this. You have to reverse the ending the get to hear it, same as you would the Icon of Sin speech. What's it a reference too...or am I the first find this?
  15. Megashit in the bathroom...

    I believe this post was in there somewhere too.