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  1. StevieWolfe

    Is Cyberpunk 2077 worth buying yet?

    I bought it at release for PC and like everyone else who did because no one had much indication to expect such, saw the nightmare at the time unfold for the buggy mess it was. Since then however it's quite improved. Load times are better, asset loading in general is better, and more fixes are on the way. The modding scene for it is really good thus far and there's a LOT of little things to discover all over the game when you set aside doing main story missions for a while. The level of detail in Night City itself is incredible and there's easter eggs and side missions and homages to movies and such all over the place. For example I just discovered a nod to the famous tow truck chase in Terminator 2 the other day just exploring around an industrial section of the city and that's just one of hundreds to find. I personally simp for Judy but there's a bunch more. For female V you can get with a male ex-cop named River and his story mission leading up to it is actually really interesting btw. Turns the game into a true crime sort of mystery for a bit. You can also get with Johnny's bandmate Kerry Eurodyne at some point but that's only for male V I believe and it's also possible to hook up with the Militech chick you meet at near the start of the game. I'd say go for it, on PC if you've got a relatively decent system because once you've got a good enough amount of hours you'll want to experiment with mods and they can make the game so much more immersive. Especially with a few good Reshade presets going and the climate change mod that helps adjust the weather system a little more consistently.
  2. I don't, and I don't have to. I can observe what's going on with these games and make a speculation from there. I'd really like to be wrong in that speculation though.
  3. Holy fuck mate. This is some weapons-grade cope. Yes, Hugo needs to be reigned in because he's becoming what happened to George Lucas circa The Phantom Menace and I'm not going to blindly simp for nu-ID and pretend this isn't happening. In point of fact Lucasfilm had to do exactly that to George; they had to reign him in because of the questionable choices he was making concerning the direction of the new trilogy at the time and had they not done that, though what we got was a meme goldmine filled with a mix of cheesiness and memorable moments, it could've been so soooo much worse because of what he'd had in mind originally. Being obsessed with your own property (or in this case project) to the point of a "childlike wonder" isn't a good thing always especially when you're a grown ass 40 something year old man and you're dealing with a franchise old enough for people your own age to have followed it since it's beginning that has an iconic legacy attached to it that birthed the modern incarnation of an entire genre of games alongside Wolfenstein. What I'm saying is you have to have either zero respect for what you're working, or an idiot of the highest order to think it wasn't a giant slap in the face to immediate shaft the interesting direction that Doom 2016 started into the cartoony shitshow this just ended on. Yeah I'm salty and I have ever right to be because if you'd told me back then that this was all going to end on the note of "you're going to fight the big bad of the entire Doom universe who is going to be you but not you and he's going to be wearing a Sazabi Gundam mobile armor but evil looking and then you die with no redemption because god is evil too but right before that a scene straight out of an Avengers movie plays out" I'd have laughed right in your face because that's the most stupidly absurd shit ever...and that's exactly what we got. Watch the E3 premier of 2016, and the ending of TAG2 and tell me how exactly anyone should've thought that's the note we were going to end on or even remotely the TONE this series was apparently supposed to go for. It boils down to this essentially: why did they even choose have any significant backstory if they were going to start the series off with lore of such complexity it was just as interesting as the main game itself only to immediately crash that into ground by the second game. 2016 ends in a cliff hanger and absolutely NOTHING was explained how it connects itself to Eternal and frankly if you have to give me a 200 page essay to explain it on nothing but assumptions and speculation that's not good writing. That's the kind of godawful plothole filled writing that has been ruining movies for the better part of twenty years now. Where did we go when Hayden used the Tether? Did we get sent to some Sentinel colony off world and that's how we got the Fortress of Doom? Why is Sam's writing for his motives so obviously different than what they did with "Samur", because if I'm to believe this was always supposed to be the same character his MO then makes zero god damn sense. I could go on and on but it would appear the true answer to these questions and others is simply "we don't care if it doesn't makes sense because if it looks cool enough for you to buy, you're gonna buy it and your dollars speak for themselves". That's the kinda of AAA bs I didn't want to begin to expect from ID but all good things most come to and end at some point. All in all, this reeks of someone with too much creative control who doesn't take criticism well, if at all, and made an entire team of people work their asses off on remote during this Covid nightmare all to shove in stupid ideas he thought looked great in his head and translated horribly in practice, and to add in a metric ass-ton of dead end things that were utterly superfluous, and finally to rework functional mechanics to the point janky brokenness and unfunctionality in some regards. I say that about not taking criticism because that is the vibe I get from this guy. Nothing gets fixed, rather, more crap is piled on top to try and cover the weak parts. Rather than improve what already worked we got redundant monster designs that don't make gameplay more challenging, just aggravating. I'm sure @Quasar was super happy about that (I joke of course, I too was figuratively pulling my hair out at points). "Ooh this baron has armorrr". Okay so? Why. He's an utter crackhead on the battlefield and already a massive threat, so why fix what's not broken? And my god that cursed prowler mechanic please fire who ever thought that was a good idea. That was so distracting and totally destroyed the combat flow the few times I got tagged by that stupid thing. The Marauder nailed how you introduce an enemy that can kick ass to the point you have to focus your attention solely on him. It made sense. It doesn't make sense for me to have to arbitrarily hunt this stupid thing teleporting around the arena while my screen is all green and my equipment doesn't work temporarily all because I couldn't avoid being hit by his attack amongst trying to avoid the other 132424353435 things being shot at me as well. There is no possible way that crap like the said redundancy, stupid mechanic designs, still unfixed bugs, totally rushed nature of the DLC's go over the heads of the people doing the coding, scripting, modeling, meshing, animations, everything etc, to the point they have nothing to say about it. I think they probably do and are sensible people who understand where and how a lot of this doesn't work. I think they're not able to. In an industry that's as unstable as gaming regardless of what position you're in unless you have tenure in your particular skill you're going to put up with whatever stupid shit your boss wants you to inject into the game unless you want to get fired due to someone's insane ego. It sucks a lot of talented young people have to put up with that but it's just the nature of the industry and its proliferated for years now and is why so many games with the potential to be good wind up crap regardless of the physical work that went into them. The gaming business is loaded with people like this, Randy Pitchford being a shining example. Sure in interviews these people can seem nice because that's because its a good show for the camera, you want people to like you if you want them to buy your product. Behind the scenes most of these types of guys are demanding, arrogant, manchildren. So what if he likes horror movies and metal too. He's responsible for an under-realized product that ended an iconic franchise's main characters story arc on a shit note and had to use an enormity of human resource in order to accomplish doing that, which by extension made that failure unjustly falls on the shoulders of the team that physically made the game. Not the guy at the top who gets to sit on a podcast and take all the credit. Also the Mick Gordon thing was a huge red flag about all of this for me. When you've got someone at your disposal whose work for your games is just as regarded at the games themselves and you choose to screw that person over because they are just that to you, disposable, holy crap you need to be reined in a bit. I remember some of the top comments on his tracks on YouTube being "wow this guy's new album comes with a free game too!" I mean they became synonymous for each other. But of course why make special considerations for the guy absolutely killing it on your games music, gotta get them deadlines. Gotta not even understand what sort of a task you even asked of this guy to finish a mixing job of that magnitude in a horribly short time frame because you don't know anything about what goes into that process. But I digress. Feel free to limit the extent of my complaint here to "I dun leik it therefore it bad" instead of it's actual context of, there's a lot factors all happening at once that don't bode well for the future of ID, mainly they center around a few people and if these were to be corrected we'd be on a much better path.
  4. StevieWolfe

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Trailers, Leaks, and New Info

    I don't need to a make thread because the issues at hand speak for themselves. It's not a matter of "DeWm Is RuInEd 5eVeR". For me it's a matter of the formula, for the most part, really works but then a lot arbitrary shit is introduced that breaks it up and not for the better. Stacking features that don't mesh with each other purely for the sake of attempt to keep the game from being redundant doesn't actually keep redundancy at bay. In point of fact it introduces many new ways for the game to become redundant more quickly to the point of frustration and then starts sucking out potentially good ideas that as we've seen, ended up going nowhere. I love the gameplay, the mechanics (when they work), and the overall world this new incarnation of Doom takes place in. I think it's all fucking awesome to be frank and a return to form for the series in those regards. What I don't like is the feeling I get that bugs are left in a relatively unfixed because they hike the difficulty curve and that conflation of aggravation for genuine difficulty is a pain in the ass that doesn't make you feel like you accomplished anything when a fight is done, rather it's more "fuck I'm glad that's over". Completely the opposite of what they want from their audience. On top of this the storyline is cobbled together in a way that makes feel most of it was written in afterthought regardless of what Hugo wants to say. It's nonsense and you can't justify just chucking one more plot twist on top of another to try and distract from glaring plotholes where you wrote yourself into a corner quite obviously. I'm disappointed with the note the DLC ended on because it is lame. The conclusion is like any of the Avengers movies lately and those are so by the numbers, cliche` and dull that if you're going to try and do something big and different than what people would expect, turning this new project into a gory comic book movie (and this is said with the awareness of the Doom comic existing in all of it's insanity and glory) isn't the way to go. The ending we got made me feel like Doomslayer's entire struggle was for nothing. Sure Earth is saved, sure the demons are stopped...for now, but he gets no redemption for all the pain and suffering this struggle has put him through. And this character is supposed to be identified with by the player. So it's almost by intention I'm supposed to feel cheated and fucked over. That's not the note you want your big epic saga to end on. It's not a matter of "they didn't do it the way I wanted", it's that they did exactly what I expected and it's disappointed because I want to expect to so much more from this team.
  5. StevieWolfe

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Trailers, Leaks, and New Info

    Pretty much. I really want to see the YouTube simps defend this. I want to see someone defend the big bad of the Doom universe having not being utterly juvenile and a way of showing they never took seriously the product they were working on wanted off their hands as soon as possible. They didn't even have the respect to give the Slayer a dignified send off. It's depressing.
  6. StevieWolfe

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Trailers, Leaks, and New Info

    That was the dumbest, most depressingly contrived let down of an ending I've experienced in a game, ever. You have to see it for yourselves, but I will say this: it makes everything you've done in this series from start to finish feel like it was for nothing.
  7. StevieWolfe

    Glitchpunk - GTA 2 Inspired Cyberpunk Game

    So top down 2077, basically.
  8. StevieWolfe

    Can we talk about Titlescreen art?

    Pretty much.
  9. StevieWolfe

    Dlc 2: new weapon - hāmmer😭😭😭😭

    It's a community made mod but I wouldn't doubt they might have found something neat like this due to the fact they have to dig around the game files to make the mod in the first place. It would be interesting to get to use the Betrayer's Argent war hammer I won't lie. Always wanted to see that thing in action. I really hope wherever it is they end up taking this series we some of the Sentinel tech being used like the mecha suits and what not.
  10. StevieWolfe

    Which Doom II enemy is worse than the arch-vile

    *Pain Elemental spits out Nazi* I meaaan, it is a creature from hell after all...there had to be at least a few rummaging around somewhere in there
  11. StevieWolfe

    The Lost City of Hebeth - Spoilers

    On our Earth. However, there exists the possibility that is all but confirmed by the leaked voice clips that DE's Earth is a completely different Earth and its evolutionary history could be entirely different.
  12. StevieWolfe

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    This post certifies that you have no idea of the absolute state of things regarding gaming as an industry. Please quit living under whatever rock you've chosen to take residence and read a few articles about what people working in that business have to deal with even from AAA studios before thinking it's like any other industry that has respect whatsoever for its workers.
  13. StevieWolfe

    Thoughts on Ministry (the band)?

    Your link is broken, but I'm a longtime fan. KInda wish Al would go back to the grittier Pslam 69 era sound lately though.
  14. StevieWolfe

    DoomGuy in the flesh. Behind the helmet.

    Jesus Christ. This is what he gets for spending too much time in hell I guess
  15. StevieWolfe

    Trying some .WADs on the old PC.

    How do you do this?