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Status Updates posted by StevieWolfe

  1. I need some help winning a local DJ contest. Long story short, I've been spinning in tiny no name venues for really shitty promoters most of my DJ life, and a huge opportunity finally has opened up for me. I need as many likes as possible on the following facebook post in order to win this thing, and that's why I posting this here and asking for help. https://www.facebook.com/gfweird/posts/816646665066266

    There's a guy right now with over 2600 likes whose post was 'hidden' because I didn't have see all stories enabled and I'm a little burnt by that slippery sorta crap. I'm sick of my hobby outside of Doom being relegated to inane events with zero turnout run by total buttholes of people, so if I can win this thing it would really mean the world to me right now :)

  2. What would I use? I run a site for my different YouTube and music suttf, but I've never done forums before, and the options Wix offers for their free sites just suck and are not what I want/need.

    1. exl


      Doomworld runs on an older version of the vBulletin forum software. Other options that I know of are PHPBB, Discourse and Invision. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Internet_forum_software for a list of some others. You'll need some pretty basic webserver\database knowledge to set most of them up.

    2. StevieWolfe


      Thanks for this stuff man, I'll keep this all in mind. For now, I'm just using a free forum builder because well...it works best for what I'm doing lol.