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  1. I suspect that was the case, since exiting during fullscreen never caused a mode switch.
  2. Just wanted to thank you for the SDL2 port. Running this fullscreen under Linux with SDL 1.2 was giving an unplayable frame rate for some reason. My only complaint is that chocolate-setup no longer detects my laptop's native resolution of 1600x900, even when selecting the full screen option. Not that this is a big deal - SDL2 handles fullscreen more gracefully than 1.2.
  3. Any way of compiling Catacomb 3D without the supplied OBJ files in the source?
  4. Good to know you're still working on AOG support!
  5. If anyone wants to try this on Windows, I uploaded a build here: I compiled it under Windows 8 with Visual Studio 2010. You need to place all of the Planet Strike VSI files in the same directory as the EXE. Let me know if it works.
  6. After taking a long break from DOOM, I celebrated the 20th anniversary by beating Episode 1 on Ultraviolence without dying once (only had two close calls being surrounded by pinkies/spectres). I think that would place me at around 6?
  7. Thanks a lot for the hard work!
  8. There is only one DOOM.
  9. 2 enemies that trigger the end of an episode - the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind.
  10. I only compiled it on Linux. If you have the SDL2 development libaries for Windows and CMake, you can build it yourself.
  11. There is now a playable source port!
  12. 5: The number of weapons available in the shareware version.
  13. I think I remember some designer wanting to see a Quake 2 open world game, where you're just dropped into Stroggos and your only objective is to assassinate the Makron, which can be completed in several ways. I always thought the Stroggos in Quake 2 could be an interesting setting for an open-world game.
  14. :) :) :)