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  1. Col Kernel

    what doom monster do you hate!

    Mowing down masses of former humans with a chaingun is one of the few great delights of playing doom and one of the few strengths of the Doom engine.
  2. Col Kernel

    Unique ways of playing doom

    I think old age has made my doom skills a bit less off the mark then that old bit of "ultra violence". I drink alot but I can't play doom drunk. I die endlessly because its even harder to dodge those goddamn fireballs. Best way to experience Doom in a new way is to play a good mod. Action Doom 1 or 2 for example Smashing beer bottles on stereotypical 1980's punk's heads is a satisfying diversion and a far cry from doom's usual monotony of chaingunner ambushes and rooms packed full of arch-viles.
  3. Col Kernel

    Doomguy's Pistol

    lol. Yeah it seems like the doomguy is cross-dominant. A person that is left-handed, but right-eye dominant does odd stuff with weapons. Handguns are easy to hold with the left hand and look down the sights with the right eye. Rifles are a bitch though. Since a leftie-cross dominant wants to hold it like a leftie, but wants to try to look down the sights with his right eye, which has him leaning his entire face over the rifle. military training might have instilled the Doomguy to hold his rifle/ longarm firearm like a righty so when he snaps his weapon to his shoulder, it rises to his strong eye. But he naturally punches with his left and with a handgun, cross-eye dominance is pointless because its simple to hold with one hand and scan through the sights with another.
  4. Col Kernel

    Doomguy's Pistol

    Which is also weird. Doomguy punchs with his left hand, shoot his pistol with his left hand, but fires his shotgun, racks the shotgun like a right-handed person and reloades his super-shotgun like a right-handed person.
  5. Col Kernel

    Line of thought on zombies ...

    I've always assumed the humans in doom are "possessed" and they are normal, living humans that have just gone insane or their minds are possessed by evil forces or whatever. So they chew up dead bodies, vomit all over their uniform and then attack the doomguy with all of their unholy rage. They just move and shoot like they might as well be zombies.
  6. Col Kernel

    Doomguy's Pistol

    Yeah, its modeled after the 9mm M92 Berreta.
  7. Col Kernel

    Bombing the Moon

    Its obviously a conspricsy. We are not looking for water, we have water in the USA. This missile strike on the moon is the first wave of an invasion by the USA to occupy and invade the Moon for its oil reserves.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKPrGxB1Kzc Well, here you got the Pistol Shrimp that can shoot things from a distance with a shockwave by snapping its claw, too. In fact, the temperature of the collapsing bubble becomes hotter then the surface of the sun for an instant. Its only a matter of time untill science puts two and two together and you have bipedal, aquatic bovines melting and imploding submarines and army tanks with its lethal fusion claw.
  9. Col Kernel

    what doom monster do you hate!

    Its got to be the reverent, I hate them so hard. Its probably one of the few monsters that still makes me panic a little, especially if I'm in some tight corridor and I've got to turn around and run back the other way. Archies are probably one of my favorite monsters, since they are challenging and fun to fight, assuming you got some cover to duck behind. Pain elementals suck too, luckily I don't see many of these guys since everyone seems to hate them enough to never include them into their wads.
  10. Col Kernel

    You know you've been mapping too much when...

    Yeah, all of our public buildings have that Brutalist architecture style around here. The public library, police station, firehouse and local college here, you could model them all inside and out perfectly with just classic doom textures and vanilla engine. The doom engine is also very well suited to middle-eastern architecture. Its nothing but right angles, pillars, 24-unit thick walls, enclaves and flat surfaces. I think playing doom is the primary thing that developed my tastes in architecture style. Flat roofs and wide hallways, ftw.
  11. Col Kernel

    Return To Wolfendoom

    I think any weapon modeled in Doom should have the view looking down the gun sights, like it looks like when you are actually aiming a firearm in reality. In other words, have the weapon centered in the screen, so you only model the top of the weapon like with all the traditional weapons in Doom. Another suggestion, if you have an outdoor level moving through a huge forest you could have a section that is fought in a vast network of deep, muddy trenches and fortifications so you don't have to render an unrealistic-looking forest. Since the natural 'forest' would look realistic since you can't see above the trench line anyways, you'd just see the tree-tops and sky and would not have to have the treeline stretch out very far or do something gamey like an invisible wall or whatever. A 3d game on the Doom engine is best used to represent corridor-fights which models trench warfare. The gameplay is suited for it and it fits very well into the theme you are working on. Yeah, and the default pistol even looks a little bit like the Walther P38 if it had a shorter barrel. Maybe it would be simple to just add some extra barrel length to the default doom-pistol?