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  1. My mom fucking threw away parts issue 1 that I didn't scan and all of issue 2. That's why. I fucking refuse to fucking redraw it, I put too much work into it.

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    2. Danarchy


      darknation said:

      Fan comics suck and the people who draw them are retards with not an original bone in their wasted bodies.

      Dur hur.

      8-Bit theater being the only exception. Oh, and Green Pile. :P

    3. darknation


      Heh. I'm just pointing out that copying not only characters, but the specific style that characters are drawn in requires a minimum of imagination. You could render a copy of a Michealangelo in painstaking microscopic detail, but it's still pretty pointless at the end of the day.

      You would be better expending your energies on something original.

    4. BlueSonnet


      Fan-comics etc isn't a bad place to start imo. It can help you develop your ideas for something original. Those doing art at school have to do a lot of this anyway.

      Besides movies\games etc that are open to different interpretations (eg fan comics) is what makes them cooler anyway. It's not as if it's much different from modding and wad making.

      But hey i think i've gone too far.