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  1. SteelPH

    Do you think Plutonia is hard or unfair

    Hard? Yes. Unfair? Some parts definitely have questionable design at best (and imo map11 is a travesty).
  2. It's used as a wrapper, primarily to handle input. It's still the same old Doom engine otherwise.
  3. SteelPH

    Sigil Is Not On Consoles

    It's not in the store. It's in the addons menu in the game itself.
  4. They're not removing the old version from Steam. As you can see from the launch options(I had that occur too until recently, FYI. Apparently that was rolled out by accident and was fixed not long after.), they're merely adding it as an option, with the old one is still available. The least you could do is read before throwing out accusations. There are also plenty of examples of that not being the case. For example, Doom 3 and Blood. The original versions are still for sale on Steam despite the existence of BFG Edition and Fresh Supply, respectively.
  5. Seems this version is coming to Steam as well.
  6. SteelPH

    unlucky moments

    Any time a revenant missile hits for 80 damage.
  7. SteelPH

    Why is Hell so... YELLOW?

    Titan's Realm, Necropolis, and Argent D'Nur seem pretty not-yellow to me.
  8. Sewers and Betray should be on idgames. Were just maps the authors of the port did back in the day. They're really not anything special, like at all.
  9. Ah right. Disregard that part then.
  10. Alright, having played on Switch for a while, there's a couple issues I ran into: 1. Although the sleep mode freeze appears to be fixed, sometimes it just occurs anyways. It's pretty infrequent though. 2. Rarely in the middle of play, the title screen menu will pop up, as if the game thinks it's in the middle of a demo. It does not pause the game, which can still be controlled to an extent, but you also control the menu. There's no way to close the menu without starting a new game or loading a save.
  11. SteelPH

    What's the deal with Archviles?

  12. You can only listen to D_RUNNIN so many times before you wanna commit defenestration against it.
  13. SteelPH

    Difference between Barons of Hell and Hell Knights

    500 hitpoints.
  14. SteelPH

    Loved the BFG 10,000 Scene

    You can't just shoot a hole into the surface of Mars...
  15. Eternal Doom is a really big offender in that regard.
  16. SteelPH

    GZDoom invulnerability sphere bug

    Hmmm... I take it you're running the latest version of GZDoom? If so, you may want to check out the custom invulnerability map in the display options and make sure they're not both set to the same color.
  17. SteelPH

    GZDoom invulnerability sphere bug

    How high are your brightness and gamma settings?
  18. SteelPH

    Resurrecting the missing Doom64 monsters. (KEEN)

    I'm still on board.
  19. SteelPH

    Did Doom 64 Have Visplane and Linedef limits?

    Ah. I'd imagine it's at least slightly higher than the PS1 version's own(since it was derived from it) to account for the N64's hardware. Only a guess, I admit.
  20. SteelPH

    Did Doom 64 Have Visplane and Linedef limits?

    Answered your own question there.
  21. SteelPH

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    The default brightness settings are higher.
  22. SteelPH

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    At the very least it's an interesting look at how the laser's graphics are rendered.