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    You must excuse me for writing "Jumping is cheating, you know!" for my wads, because I made these levels between 1995-1999 for vanilla DOOM and by 2002 that I was uploading them here, jumping was being implemented in the source ports, and was considered to be cheating. And because of my shortsightedness I could not predict that it would become "a very important part of the game" in later years, and people would judge me without looking at the time of the wads. My mistake. By the way, a great wad, I know. ;) P.S. Who knows, I might even consider coming back to DOOM editing and make wads with jumping in their core game-play.
  2. Sphagne

    WAD editor that can change a weapon's power?

    Alternatively, you can use ZDoom so that you can do anything you like with weapons and monsters and the rest. ;)
  3. Sphagne

    Highres Textures

    Currently, I am working with a Texture pack with large textures, so 256x256 is the norm and 2048x512 also available, but I have a problem with Doombuilder's texture selection dialog. It would only shows textures in small thumbnails and hiding a lot of finer details, can DoomBuilder have larger thumbnails in that dialog. Also, the combined Texture and Flat textures, do not include Patches as well, but it is currently supported in ZDoom, and GZDoom. Can there be an option to show only PWAD textures and ignore main IWAD ones? Thanx in advance...
  4. Sphagne

    Got a problem

    I am making a huge resource wad containing lots of new textures with a new palette and new fonts and other resources for Zdoom. Currently I wanted to test my new textures in a wad level but each time I open these textures in DB I get this error message: "Error 55 while creating map: File already open" What is teh problem. By the way, I have deleted all the original doom 2 texture names and patches from the texture and patches lists, and added my own patches and textures, so for instance it does not have a texture named "AASHITTY".
  5. Sphagne


    In this ZDoom forum thread: http://forum.zdoom.org/potato.php?t=5745 I have shown some of my textures, some of which I made from scratch, and others I made from combining and changing ripped content. For instance the gray wall is made of a base made from scratch and the doors and windows are taken from real life pictures found on internet. The trashes were made from another picture on internet. The slimes are made from scratch. Lots of the textures are basically from Doom3 or Elite Force, but some of them are heavily changed... But one important thing: These are made for my altered Doom palette, not the origimal one, because that was not a good palette for natural scenes. :) sorry.
  6. Sphagne

    Decorate Alt Fire

    err, what zdoom version?
  7. Sphagne

    Elidor, the story.

    No new story yet. Working on the title project.
  8. Sphagne

    Elidor, the story.

    This is the story of Elidor, the inner world of our dreams and nightmares, the world that is the connection between this physical world of gross matter, and the ethereal worlds of heaven and hell. The story begins more than a century ego when the earth had begun its second great wave of space explorations, and had colonies across all the solar system, devouring the planets of their raw materials and building an empire on the Earth and its neighbor planet Mars. Before the time of that exploration wave, the government had fused into one central law, that controlled several states, each controlling a continent of the earth, and one controlling the moon, and another one controlling Mars and its two moons. In addition, there was UAC, not a government, but a huge interplanetary mining and research corporation that controlled the lion’s share of the mining colonies across the solar system, and had enough military power, that could be called a government in itself. At the time that this story begins, the scientists at UAC research labs on the Mars base had discovered a way that would let them teleport some small objects across short distances, and were experiencing with the technology to gain more range and accuracy, and the power to teleport larger objects. The technology used a wormhole in the space-time fabric of the universe that linked a gateway at the base to another gateway to somewhere else. At first they could empower the gateways, just enough for the destination to open only a few yards away, but soon they could make powerful enough gateways to link the Mars to it’s two moons. However, the position of the destination was the problem and needed more work on it, to let them open the destination gateway at the exact point that they liked. That was the time that one of their researchers, named Thomas Elidor, made a teleportation gateway to an unknown destination that did not belong to this plane of existence. At first, because they had no view of the destination in the gateway, they thought that it had not worked, but as they could send objects into it, they realized that it had in fact a destination, but to nowhere in the solar system. Soon the news of that gateway reached the UAC headquarters on the Mars and made a rare commotion through out UAC, and finally they decided to send a small military squad, inside it to investigate the destination area, and if possible bring back some information about the place. After that, a small squad of their veteran commandos was trained to be able to survive in unexpected situations and environments, and was sent into the gateway. The scientists waited anxiously for about an hour until one of them returned to the base, but he was nearly dead because of several nasty wounds, exhaustion, and hunger! After he was healed enough to be able to speak, he reported that they had landed in a strange world with hostile climate and bizarre environment. It seamed as if they had landed on the top a mountain, which was very jagged and extremely hard to explore. However, that was just the beginning, because the mountainous terrain ended into an alien tropical jungle, so dense that was almost pitch black, (well, the mountain’s sky was stormy and dark as hell), so they decided to circle around the mountain to find another way into the land. They circled around the mountain, for hours until they saw a vast patch of grassland, in the middle of the jungle, and that grassland was reachable through a small patch of the nearby jungle, so they decided to brave it out and try to reach that grassland. At that point, the present crew crowded in the hospital wing, were greatly puzzled, because in their eyes, this exploration had only lasted for just an hour, and no more, so they asked him if he was sure that all those things had happened, and as he was absolutely sure, they asked him to go on... They had crossed the jungle patch and had entered the grassland, which was not as heavenly as it seemed from the mountain, with large patches of burnt plants, round some volcanic remains and lava pools, and holes that emitted sulfur gas, and caverns in the middle of those volcanic places and so on... This was the time when they were attacked by a horde of large and ugly beasts and demonic creatures, which fought with each other and our small squad, in the same time. The marines fought back as they backtracked toward the mountain, but only two of them could reach the jungle patch, and those two were lost in it, and circled trough it for hours, while they fought occasional attacks from small groups of monsters, until the other marine was killed as well. Finally, our hero reached the mountain and was able to find the gateway position because of the signs that they had placed there, removed the signs and returned to the base, and there he was. After they checked his watch and remainig equipment, and reached the conclusion that he was not out of his mind, and all those things had really happened, they reported the result to the Mars headquarters, which reported it to the UAC central headquarters on the Earth. Thomas Elidor was called to Earth and was told to make another such gateway in an Earth lab. He made another larger gateway there, and they sent a bigger military squad into it, which returned in half an hour for the supervisors, and several long hours for the squad. They had suffered no losses, but were a bit shaken, and reported that they had landed on a hostile and bizarre world, in a field near the ruins of a gothic town and citadel, with signs of violence and destruction everywhere. They had explored it for hours and found no living being, until they decided to return to the base and report. The environment was very different from the place that was accessed from the Mars base, but in the same time it was similar, because it was hostile and bizarre, and had a nightmarish aura about it, just like the last place. The news of the discovery of this new world was not reported to the government of the time and remained within the walls of UAC, and they thought about the possibilities of explorations and new ways of income, until they decided to advance in that hostile world and make new bases and colonies there. This world was called Elidor after the name of the scientist who discovered it, but it was after he was killed by the demons. How come? Well, after that decision, the UAC opened several gateways to Elidor from both Earth and Mars, and made mining and research colonies in there. They searched and researched the new world, until they eventually reached the conclusion that they were on Mars and Earth, but in another plane of existence. In a dimension that was nearer to ethereal worlds of heaven and hell. It was the dream world, where you see when in your deepest nightmares, and because this dimension was very close to hell, it was regularly infested by hell spawn and demonic hordes, which attacked any living being on sight, or even themselves. This was the time that the Mars base was attacked by a horde of demonic monsters, which seemed to be guided by a more intelligent mind than their own, and they destroyed the mars base and killed almost everyone there, or made them into mindless zombie soldiers, who attacked on sight, just like them. There was only one survivor, who fought them back until cleared the Mars base, and then entered the gateway to clear the new colonies and then advanced toward the hell, to fight the mastermind behind the Mars invasion, until he killed it single handedly. He returned to the Mars base and destroyed the gateways, and reported to the Mars headquarters, to hear that the inner-Earth bases were attacked as well, so he was sent to that place, and joined a squad that was almost instantly destroyed by the demonic hordes. Thus, he was forced to revert to his commando tactics that saved his skin the last time, and was finally able to advance through Elidor to the hell gateway and with the help of the new protection device code named IDDQD, was able to kill the monstrous demon that had started the whole invasion. After that, he returned to the physical Earth and became the biggest hero of the time, joined the central government, as the military advisor, and enforced the law to forbid the remake of the dimentional gateways. He lived the life of a hero until his death several decades ago, and he was buried like a hero. In the mean time, i.e. a few decades after the new law, the ruling circle of the UAC was overhauled, and several young hot bloods replaced the older department heads, and they defined new policies for the corporation, one of which was to explore Elidor again, without being spotted by the central government. Therefore, they opened new and bigger gateways to this world, some in their asteroid mining colonies, and some on Mars, and they hid them from the watchful sight of the central government. This time with a full military force behind them, they could clear large areas of the world of inner dimensions, i.e. Elidor, and made big colonies there, fully protected by defensive facilities and military forces. They discovered that each physical planet had a counterpart in the semi-ethereal plane of existence that was called Elidor by then, and taking advantage of the slack physical laws of that plane of existence, they made large spaceships that could travel inter-stellar distances very quickly. Moreover, the duration of those long treks were even shorter when observed from our physical world. When they reached a new planet in the Elidor, they could make gateways on that planet to return to the physical world, and land on the new physical planet that was the counterpart of that semi-ethereal planet. Thus, they could make inter stellar treks, and were not limited to the solar system, and had access to the neighbor stars and their planets in both this physical world and Elidor. With unlimited amount of resources at hand, UAC became more and more powerful, and eventually, the fact of the reopened gateways became an open secret, but UAC had become powerful enough for the central government to be wary of direct opposition. On the other hand, lots of the local governments and individual forces, began to open their own gateways to Elidor, to be able to make their own colonies, and lots of these colonies were destroyed by attacks from demonic hordes, but some preserved through and grew big and powerful. The world has become a tense place to live as all these newborn forces are struggling to gain the upper hand in the new race toward the power, and the central government can not hold them together anymore. In the mean time the demonic hordes have become really violent and seem more organized in their attacks, and from time to time they would attack a small colony and destroy it to the ground, but the new security achievements in the gateway technology, would not let them enter the physical world anymore. The gateway technology has also developed in range and accuracy, so in Elidor, we can jump to nearby planets as well, but for the inter-stellar treks, we still need our spaceships. Elidor is a violent world and this violence is more visible on the main planets, than their moons and asteroids, and especially the inner-Earth, which has a bizarre environment with gothic ruins combined with hellish infestation, houses the most violent attacks. In this mayhem, as the central government is about to explode into several smaller forces, the regular attacks from demonic hordes have become more violent, and the UAC is looming above them all, and ready to attack, to become the tyrannical ruler of the world, you start your carrier as a mercenary in a relatively small city on the Earth. You can join the government forces to gain access to their good training facilities and then try to sabotage the UAC and find a way to stop their looming threat to the world. Alternatively, you can remain a mercenary and make a living working for any individual force or faction that pays better. It is your call, but in any case, if you are going to enter Elidor, you must be prepared for the regular demonic attacks. ----------------------------------- This is the story behind my current project Elidor, which would be a ZDoom TC, and an action game with some RPG elements thrown in, for the spice, thus you can develop your skills and gain new attributes and so on... Your main skills would be Combat, Computer, Electronics, Stealth, and Technique... In addition, you can gain attributes like Scavenge, Regenerate, and Insight... The theme would be futuristic and space environment on the physical world, and nightmarish (gothic or alien) environments combined with (hellish or modern) infestations in Elidor. You can join a lot of factions and forces and work for them, and do their quests, or follow the main plot and try to stop UAC from becoming the tyrannical ruler of the whole world. OK, this seems a bit far-fetched, but ZDoom has become powerful enough for this project, and if I can infuse some stealth features into it, then the better. I have made lots of high-res textures and made the RPG and conversation engine via ACS, but I need some help with new sprites, and also the level design, because it would be a huge project. So if any of you need to waste your time, you are definitely welcome to try this one. :)
  9. Sphagne

    Elidor, the story.

    About a century after the events of Doom2.
  10. Sphagne

    Intergrated Lump Editor

    How about a generic TEXT editor that could be fine tuned for DECORATE lump with a DECORATE config file and would be fine tuned for TERRAIN lump with the TERRAIN config file and so on... This way it would be usable for any type of TEXT-based lumps out there, even the future ones...
  11. Sphagne

    Texture tutorial #1

    The last four steps could be done by Photoshop's texturing filter.
  12. Sphagne

    Favorite Ultimate Doom song?

    Exactly!! Seconded.
  13. Sphagne


    Select the music that would fit in the mood, and listen to it while I imagine and build the level in my mind, until the undetailed whole, is made in my mind, then I start the editor and fill in the detail as I design the level there.
  14. Sphagne

    Wads in Progress- solution??

    I wish it would be available soon. Such a useful site!
  15. Sphagne

    What other games do you play besides Doom?

    Morrowind+ 2 addon packs+ lots of 3rd party patches(including my owns). Diablo II Worms world party
  16. Sphagne

    Walkable translucent water.

    Currently, I'm making some hires textures using a changed and more (natural tuned) version of 8 bit doom palette, for my Elidor project. And I can tell, 8-bit textures are a pain in the @$$, You can not make shiny windows that show a bit of the interior, you can not make metallic shades, or you are only limited in one or two particular colors, you have to make a chioce of which themes and color sets you need ,and so on... The end days for 8-bit are long overdue.
  17. Sphagne

    The doom2 music names

    Hey, give him a chance. He just wanted to be helpful to some people.
  18. Sphagne

    idea: DoomQuest

    By the way ZDoom can also support Script libraries that can be shared within all the levels. Great for the basic RPG engine routines.
  19. Sphagne

    Community Chest 3?

    Well if this one is a zdoom project, why not make hubs and each hub can have a hub master that oversees the developement of that hub only, and some people make levels for that hub. The hub master can compile the final version of that hub and adds it to the final project. Each hub can have a unique name that is shared by the levels like. Hub: Mars Base Levels: Base01 Base02 ... Hud: Hell Shore: Levels: Shore01 Shore02 ... The hub masters can communicate with each other to share their needs of resources for their level developers, like textures and music and new monsters and items (DECORATE) and so on... And ofcource some shared Script_Experts and Advanced_Feature_Experts (3d elevators and so on...) can help any level developer when needed. This way we can make better use of ZDoom powers.
  20. Sphagne

    Best color coordination in WADs?

    imo, Doom palette needs to be revamped and be made more real, with more natural colors, i.e. less saturated blues and greens...
  21. Sphagne


    Where can I enable the smileys so that I can see them in the forum posts? Currently it says Smilies are OFF and I can not find a place to turn them on.
  22. Sphagne

    Projects in Progress

    What is the problem with WIP, because I seem to have lost it and everytime I see a "page not found" problem.
  23. Sphagne

    Deus Vult is done

  24. Sphagne

    Deus Vult is done

    OK, lets ignore the gameplay, but for the level structure, I dont think many people can do this in their last attempt let alone their first attempt, hey man, how did you do that? that looks great! did you take those new textures from other games? and those grand hanging pictures in that great cathedral?
  25. Sphagne

    Doom Building Regimen

    Some times it would do unwanted stuff in it, i.e. delete a char as we type another one and so on... Currently I use Notepad to write my scripts for each level and then, select all of that, and paste all of that into the current script editor, and close it...