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  1. Crunchynut44

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    More 2 hour speedmaps because I deadset have no life. (Palette pilfered from Syringe)
  2. Crunchynut44

    are the 2010's the worst decade in history?

    Well Sigil didnt get a cacoward so yes I would say this have been the worst decade in history.
  3. Crunchynut44

    What did Sandy Petersen mean by this room in MAP13?

    Hey my bedroom has a ceiling of lava and the bed is a floor fixture made of cool molten rock and the walls are overgrown with vines, so I take offense to this.
  4. Crunchynut44


    BACULUS is a 32 level DOOM 2 mapset that I after about 7 years have finally finished. It is now ready for a full play through and thorough testing. I hope you enjoy, feel free to leave your criticism and bug report or submit demos which all would be hugely appreciated! I have tested every level with PrBoom+ Comp Level 2 (v1.666), it has not been tested for multiplayer. All difficulties included! Lots of errors with other sourceports so play at your own discretion. Even though its designed with vanilla in mind, I would still prefer you play with a modern source port. Enjoy! Just a quick shout out to Keyboard_Doomer for some extensive testing, galileo31dos01 for some new graphics including the new HUD and TeamTNT/Stewboy/Jimmy to whom I pilfered some MIDIs from, Cheers fellas! *SREENIES* BACrc1.zip
  5. Crunchynut44

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Messing around with custom palettes and Plutonia textures.
  6. Just do what I do. Spend 5 hours detailing a map, compare it to a Skillsaw map, then throw your computer out the window.
  7. Crunchynut44


    If Sigil doesnt get the first page all to itself I'm going on a hunger strike.
  8. Sick and tired of those custom wads full of boring old tech places, straightforward monster placement and non stop Romero'izms? Then you're in the wrong place because this wad is nothing but straight vintage Doom styled fun with everyone's favorite tropes such as pistol fights on beginning levels, misaligned textures, homages, a shit load of secrets and all round classic Doom gameplay! As is tradition each episode takes you to new locales and unleashes harder threats! SINERGY includes a few custom assets but they are far and few between, with a few new MIDIs sprinkled in where I saw fit as well as a few new title pics courtesy of some royalty free pictures I found. Special shout out to Doom name generator for all the map names. Tested with PrBoom+ comp level 3 (ultimate doom) though was played by me personally with Zandronum and smooth doom. Have fun! Includes: -All 36 UD maps replaced -Clean Automaps -Difficulties (all though relatively untested as of yet) -4 new midis written by me and 1 from the Plutonia Midi pack (Plurry - Bucket) Screenshots SINERGY/Idgames
  9. Crunchynut44

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - Now on idgames!

    @Austinado Mad props for playing everything and recording it as well, ive watched what I can but there is a fair bit of content there (which is great). Cant thank you enough for playing mate, cheers! Yeah ill have to fix that and re-upload that asap, thanks dude! As for E3M4, use the automap, it will give you a hint how to get out. The general Idea was that the pit has a secret entrance for the demons, or something like that.
  10. Crunchynut44

    Mapping regrets?

    Pretty much every map of every WAD ive ever made because they are just not that good.
  11. Crunchynut44

    Community/solo project idea

    So I have had this idea for a while now, its nothing original but basically builds off past concepts. The same time every week I stream for 2 hours and make a map, this would go for 32 weeks. Anyone can join in and hopefully after that time we will see multiple new megawads in the mix. Or at the very least be a learning experience for myself and others. The two things holding me back being I have absolutely zero experience in streaming and im not a big fan of having everyone hijack the stream with conversations that arent relevant, as has done so often in the past. If other people wanted to join there are no rules, you can work on your maps anytime however much you like, its more about everyone sharing ideas and learning from eachother on a shared platform. Is there are ideas, feedback or advice that you would have please let me know, id love to make this happen.
  12. Crunchynut44

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Replacing some of the (really) bad maps for Baculus, I don't think too highly of the wad these days but i'm giving it a face lift. Map01: Map08: Map10:
  13. Crunchynut44

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - Now on idgames!

    Thanks a lot mate, I really appreciate the playthrough and the feedback! If you recorded any demos feel free to send them over I would love to watch them. Thanks for playing! Thanks buddy! Im glad you liked it.
  14. Crunchynut44

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - Now on idgames!

    Thanks for the playthrough mate, as soon as I get a chance ill give your stream a whirl. Im glad you enjoyed it. You're most welcome :)
  15. As im starting to hone my own craft (and while im laying here begging for sleep) an ode is due to write tribute to the mappers that have inspired me the most. So in no particular order, my 5 favourite mappers are... Eric Alm Basically a given, the simple yet stylistic brilliance of Scythe is what convinced me to make maps of my own. Followed by the wonderful Scythe 2, a staple in my evening Doom diet is what I always turn to when I hit a creative block. Somehow in the architectural clones that were soon to come, Erics maps still stand out and hold their own with a signiture I cant explain. Jimmy The mapping machine himself, I always get excited when he announces something new. Those smooth flowing layouts are something I reference a lot to improve my own. When it comes to the mapping process and making use of your time, I follow Jims advice to the tee. Tons and tons of quality content and a plethora of MIDIs to boot, what more could you want? Paul Corfiatis I typically find elegance in simplicity, Pauls work however is an exception. Whispers of Satan is a wad that I have turned monsters off and just explored the hundreds of vistas and architectural wonders for the sheer gratification. The incredibly balanced gameplay from tight difficulty curves and perfect ammo balance is always solid and thoughtful. (Special mention the Kristian Aro as well) Skillsaw The modern architectural wizard, not only creates incredible scenery but is often overlooked as laying out some of the most interweaving and interesting layouts that can only be described as poetry in motion. Always tough on the player but never unfair and oh so satisfying to make it to the exit when he puts you through a skill test. Mouldy More creativty in his finger than in my entire body, I cant help but be jealous of some the incredible and unique ideas he implements into his work. Usually using stock textures or basic effects, and turning them into something wild and zany, is always a delight to see. An absolute fantastic musician too, with compositions that can be just as bizzare and interesting as the maps that acompany them. Well thats it, you can go back to what you were doing.
  16. Crunchynut44

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Those layouts look so organic and aesthetic, at least compared to some of your previous works. Im so hyped to play this!
  17. Crunchynut44

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I still don't see it XD
  18. Crunchynut44

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - Now on idgames!

    Thankyou for all the detailed feedback man! Really appreciate it. A few people have said that about e4m8, so thats a bit of a learning experience for the next WAD. Also Military Boneyard is e2m7, and its one of my favourites as well. Thanks again Salt-man!
  19. Crunchynut44

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - Now on idgames!

    Hey mate thanks for the feedback im glad I could spark a bit of nostalgia as that was the goal of the wad. I hope you play it again one day and discover even more you may have missed! Thankyou so much it means a lot to me. Glad you had fun! Looking forward to any kind of feedback you may have for me in the future. Cheers!
  20. Crunchynut44

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Me, my sister, and my amazing editing skills.
  21. Crunchynut44

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - Now on idgames!

    Too late to fix now anyway. So ah well haha. Im such a sucker for speedruns. Theres actually a fair few skips I left in the wad. The best one being e2m7 imo *edit* e2m7 not m8...
  22. Crunchynut44

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - Now on idgames!

    Theres a couple of things I may have missed that speedrunners might take advantage of. And thats okay. Thanks for the feedback!
  23. Crunchynut44

    Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

    Sinergy 2: Forever Gunholy
  24. Crunchynut44

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    Absolutely cant wait to gove this a whirl! Everything so far looks incredible. When time allows ill be doing a UD and Doom 2 playthrough with this mod for sure, dude seriously congratulations and I hope this mod becomes really successful. And of course thankyou for using Baculus to showcase this, so cool!
  25. Hell yeah! Definetely going to submit a map for this! The new features look so good.