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  1. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/281664 Now we can tell which potential mates are messed up in the head from afar. This is a good thing, IMO.
  2. http://www.wesh.com/news/21541263/detail.html I think the media will have a tougher time than usual in its predictable calls for stricter gun laws considering what just happened with that Jordanian fellow in the military.
  3. DoomsdayRooster

    Your best pickup lines?

    Obvious virgins are obvious.
  4. DoomsdayRooster

    Holy shit [Texas shootings]

    I don't think the military is brainwashing its soldiers. To kill friendlies, I mean. Of course the 'scary terrorist' PR attempt is pitifully transparent. I am far from a fan of Alex Jones as an individual regardless of the accuracy of his warnings, but he raises some interesting questions. And all sorts of other stuff I've read but will take with a grain of salt until all the facts are documented (not the hurriedly reported factoids.)
  5. DoomsdayRooster

    At Least 8 Shot In Downtown Orlando High-Rise

    I was thinking that claims of access to guns being the root of the problem would seem a little silly considering the recent shooting of military personnel by one (or more?) of their own. This happens much more often than you'd think, but stories of gunmen (and criminals in general) being stopped don't exactly get the ratings.
  6. DoomsdayRooster

    John Carmack says Rage won't support dedicated Servers!

    Maybe it's easier for them to develop the code or something without having to worry about it. Can anyone point out the benefits of this, other than having to spend slightly less time making the game? I think it's a pretty bad idea to bite the hand of the fanbase that feeds you. Well, fed you. I'm guessing gamers who prefer less autonomy outnumber those which prefer more. If they didn't EA might make good titles. Didn't Carmack recently state he wanted to compete more in console games? I had this theory when I started playing D3, and then Q4, that by making the games more console-friendly you opened the game up to a bigger market (at the 'marginal' cost of poorer gameplay for PCers.) Rant: end.
  7. DoomsdayRooster

    John Carmack says Rage won't support dedicated Servers!

    Is this an anti-piracy measure?
  8. DoomsdayRooster

    Holy shit [Texas shootings]

    How many people have to die before guns are banned from the military? This is a classic example of what no gun control leads to. These deaths could have been prevented.
  9. DoomsdayRooster

    Black lines in my textures

    Zdoom has been displaying a single pixel-thin strip of black in-game in certain textures in a map I'm making. Note the misaligned repeat. The texture is also displayed differently in Doom Builder 2 (I realize it might be beta or something so that might explain it, but has this ever been a common problem?) The door is a sector with minimal height and the texture is on the upper front linedef. This has also appeared in another area, a cramped 'vent' I made with a deadend GRAY2 texture. Changing the offset will move the black line around, and I successfully hid it but had to compromise my map design by a couple of pixels. Unforgivable. What's going on?
  10. DoomsdayRooster

    Redtek [MAP02 now up]

    I am playing on Zdoom. Firing from the Mancubus room doesn't alert it, and it remains asleep and facing the barred fake door.
  11. DoomsdayRooster

    Redtek [MAP02 now up]

    Good stuff. The Mancubus ambush was a little harsh but doable after a reload. The Caco ambush was lots of fun (played on UV). I was able to shoot the sleeping Arch-Vile in the back; is it intended to wake up and start resurrecting the baddies? The Baron escort chased me into the Mancubus room and I went forward into the pillar area with the door locking behind me. The map looks pretty good.
  12. DoomsdayRooster

    Black lines in my textures

    Durr... of course. I misunderstood and should have read more carefully, ty.
  13. DoomsdayRooster

    Editing Monster Movement

    What determines monsters' roaming around like pigeons? Can I create my own idle movement patterns for them? Also, is it possible to create a genuinely strafing monster? Could it strafe around its target as a primary or secondary movement pattern (if those can exist,) or would I have to alter all of the sprites to face the player, to mimic such strafing? TYVMIA
  14. DoomsdayRooster

    Editing Monster Movement

    ^Excellent, ty.
  15. DoomsdayRooster

    Black lines in my textures

    Negative on tutti frutti (I think?) 64 x 64 x 64 cube. The black line appears when the y offset is -1 or lower. Attempts to get the alignment I wanted by increasing the offset to 64+ and having the texture repeat also failed. It does appear to be that same black line, but these are stock D2 textures and the error comes and goes depending on the offset.
  16. DoomsdayRooster

    Editing Monster Movement

    Very informative. I hope to present you all with the results in the future. BTW, is it possible without scripting, to make one group of monsters inherently hate another? If not then I would try to use scripts to make one group aggressive towards the other room by room.
  17. DoomsdayRooster

    Editing Monster Movement

    Mexican Jumping Imps! You may have just answered a question I had about monster targets (I'd like to create 2 factions to fight you and each other). I will look into this ACS. Thanks!
  18. DoomsdayRooster

    Sky Texture Critique

    It's not that obvious but if you take a look you can see that the F_SKY had a sharper light source. It also reminds me of a picture taken from a high-altitude camera, where the smooth features seen in your mountains aren't easily visible (it looks more jagged overall). Have you considered drawing over F_SKY? Or maybe just using it as a base to trace out the rest of the mountain line and shading it as you shaded the others?
  19. DoomsdayRooster

    Pcorf community project (fun and easy going)

    Hi. I would like to contribute a map. I have a question about map progression and if maps will be adapted to have a progressive weapon distribution. For example my map could be spoiled if the player starts out with a BFG and 600 cells, or I might spoil the map after mine.
  20. DoomsdayRooster

    Doom3 low fps?

    Is this an integrated video card? That really might explain it all.
  21. DoomsdayRooster

    Manipulating music

    Is it possible in Zdoom to have music repeat at specific points? Is it possible to have the music switch from one song to another while playing? If so, how? This is pertaining to midis. TYIA
  22. DoomsdayRooster

    Docking area

    Invalid zipfile - it's 1.3 kb.