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  1. How often do you use the BFG?

    I rarerly use the BFG in SinglePlayer, i prefer the rocket instead, might be good use if you are playing a hard map and u face a horde of LostSouls or PainElemental *The only use i can think of right now*
  2. Odamex Saturday Nitro #2

    Good idea!
  3. Odamex Saturday Nitro #2

    I rechecked the server list a few times that day, but next time i'll join the server next time and wait.
  4. Odamex Saturday Nitro #2

    I cant find any players at all on the Odamex serverlist...
  5. London, Birmingham and Liverpool riots

    haha, Anarchy in the UK!
  6. London, Birmingham and Liverpool riots

    young men react more violently when subjected to pressure which is triggered by such as poverty, unemployment, crime and society's high demanding on the individual. These riots are of course not justified but I can understand these people, it is young people with no faith in the future they have nothing and lose nothing of this.
  7. Doom 2 - Awakening (Updated 10/1/11)

    What source port is it?
  8. Doom II is actually pretty great :-)

    hell yeah! That soundtrack is epic good ripoff!
  9. Terrorist Shoots and Kills 80 in Norway

    hahaha you are right, I didnt think about that :P
  10. Terrorist Shoots and Kills 80 in Norway

    Isnt this just sick? Appearently Anders Breivik listened to Requem For a Dream(epic music from the LordOfTheRings) while he was killing all those people on the island. http://www.metro.se/nyheter/musiken-som-breivik-kan-ha-lyssnat-pa-under-massakern/EVHkgB!nQU17fvwklG/ (google translate, the site is in Swedish) Now i will always be reminded of him everytime i hear that music, that fucker!
  11. If Doom 4 is a remake of Doom 2...

    As long IDSoftware makes the game without any irational forced deadlines a Doom2 remake would go perfectly.
  12. Fear inducing wads?

    A creepy wad i had recently played is: Unloved It is best played on Gzdoom or Skulltag(OpenGL). I havent tested in on Coop yet.
  13. Terrorist Shoots and Kills 80 in Norway

    Yeah, it is like blaming a raped victim that if she havent dressed so sexy then she would never get raped. Unbelievable, definetly.
  14. What is the best TC?

    Here those that i have in my Doom folder: Wolfenstein TC Wolfendoom(sucky) Star Wars Chibi Rebellion Qdoom (Quake) Community Is Falling
  15. "Guess this game" game

    Aqua tenn Hunger-force, according to google