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  1. On 7/12/2019 at 8:40 AM, hardcore_gamer said:

    is Doom 3's level design actually bad?

    It's level design is exactly the style I like, where it doesn't rely on huge open areas, but interconnected rooms.  So to me, no, it's not bad.  It's damn near perfect.

  2. 17 hours ago, TwinBeast said:

    And a doctor has diagnosed me with the Paranoid PD earlier, yet it's the lowest non zero score in this test. How did I get that instead of the ones I actually might have...

    Well.... online test :-P

    I was diagnosed with Borderline earlier this year :-/

  3. I don't have my very first few maps anymore, so I'll use my earliest surviving map.





    And latest finished map:




    Bonus Umbra of Fate just because it's large:




    I guess 20-some years makes a difference.


    16 hours ago, Egg Boy said:

    How has your design philosophy changed or stayed the same? What tropes still continue to this day, and which have you discarded?

    Gameplay-wise it hasn't changed much at all, it's just been whittled down through practice.  I always start with a general core idea ("central hub with spokes coming out of it", "two paths diverge, then meet in the middle", "low road, then high road") then build from there.


    Visually a lot has changed.  I've gone from stock 1994 Doom map looks and not caring much about texture alignment to Lovecraftian-gothic temples inspired by Quake with far too many point lights.  I've always tried to pay attention to lighting, though.  And the ceiling decorations have always been there.

  4. Released:


    90s - Kill Episode 1 (9 maps)

    Early 2000s - Kill Episode 2 (9 maps)

    2010 - One Doomed Marine (5 maps)

    2016 - Extreme Terror (1 large map)

    2017 - Shadows of The Nightmare Realm (5 maps)

    2018 - Umbra of Fate (1 large map)

    2018 - Freaky Panties (1 map)

    2019 (for the pending NDE project) - My Delirious Blood House of Contrivitiums (1 map)


    So 32 maps total!  I'm counting that last one because I finished it last year, so it's literally just waiting to be released.  The Kill stuff... I don't remember the original dates.


    Extreme Terror and Umbra of Fate are technically split into three conceptual areas as if they were individual maps.  I approached the areas this way when designing them, so I suppose you could count each of those as three maps if you wanted to split hairs.  But I left them at 1 here so that it wouldn't look like I was trying to artificially inflate my total.