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  1. There’s been a decision looming over my head for a while now that has me sort of bummed. A year ago, while I was preparing to move out of the house, my mom persuaded (key word) me to adopt two cats from our vet. I wasn’t too keen on the idea since I didn’t feel ready to be a mother, and I wasn’t sure how my money situation would look like. But she kept at me and I eventually caved. Of course, them being absolutely adorable didn’t help matters any.

    In the end I didn’t move out because, sure enough, money got tight. This meant they got to live at home with us, an interesting situation since my grandma is horribly afraid of cats. What we ended up doing is we converted a large storeroom into a room for them, then built a screen door to keep them contained. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

    Unfortunately, as time has gone on, it’s gotten harder and harder for me to deal with them, and not just because I still don’t feel ready to be a mother for them. Growing up I was extremely allergic to cats. So much, in fact, that spending just 15 minutes with one would lead to my eyes swelling shut. Over the years I got a lot better, thanks in part to allergy shots. But the thing is, I’m finding that I’m still terribly allergic to them. Like, really allergic to them. I can spend quite a lot of time with cats anymore, but living with them is probably exacerbating my asthma, which has been under control for 10 years, and my allergies. The worst is on the weeks I bring them up to sleep with me in my room. I’ll pass the idea by my doctor on Monday, who I have a follow up appointment with (because I got to spend last night in the ER with my asthma!).

    So yeah, do I adopt them out to someone else, or do I keep them? I hate to get rid of them since I really do love them, but I also know I can’t keep living like this. If I keep them, not only will I have the expense of their everyday needs, but I’ll also be spending more on allergy medications (I’m now doing a Zyrtec every 12 hours they’re so bad, along with asthma medications) and possibly another round of allergy shots. Plus I’m still not the mother they deserve and I know this.

    So... anyone have any insight or suggestions? This is a decision I’m not looking forward to making :(

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    2. Foodles


      I'm sure neubejiita will take them off your hands, leave them outside his doorstop.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Thanks, everyone. I pretty much agree with what everyone has said, so I guess I just needed to hear it from someone else to assure me I was making the right decision.

      My mom has a lot of weird issues, and growing up we had a lot of mutual codependency problems. We've both worked really hard to get past most of them, but we still tend to slip back into our old habits once in a great while. I think the situation with the cats was one of them.

      I have a neighbor that loves cats and might want two extra. If not, I'll probably first check at work, and then go to the local Dumb Friends League as a last resort. I'll start asking around today.

      Grazza said:

      That is, assuming neither of your cats has any unusual medical conditions (e.g. a need for regular medicine or special care).

      Thankfully they don't. One (Samus) is a Manx and has an unusual way of walking because of it, but the vet has checked her out multiple times and said she's fine. There's nothing that seems to bother her in everyday life.

      AndrewB said:

      Okay, so you grew up being extremely allergic to cats, and your financial situation is precarious. So, your mom suggests that you adopt two cats. And you said yes.

      I guess you got your stupid genes from your mom. I'm sorry to say I have no sympathy for you.

      I always love your responses <3

    4. AndrewB


      OK maybe I have a little sympathy.