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  1. Here's a partial (like 1/6th) playthrough of my new Doom level.  This includes new music written by me specifically for this map.  What's left now is balancing out the difficulty levels, minor detailing/fixing here and there, and some additional scripting that's needed to get it to fit within the rest of the WAD.  And of course, the third level :-P



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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      You'd really allow me to help you playtest that project of yours? I mean, really "really"? Now I'm really "nervous", and flattered too.

    3. TwinBeast


      Like the colors, music. Felt more Quake like than Quake. Didn't even surprise me to see the flying Wizard.

    4. sesq


      hmu when you're done with it