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  1. Hey Yuki, i was told you do the music for your wads. Is that true? I was jamming to a couple videos of your stuff (i haven't shared the unlisted ones) and really dug the music tracks. You got a good range from industrial to John Carpenter-esque. Do you have a soundcloud or bandcamp by chance? Thanks in advance!

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    2. Impie


      Hey, did you ever consider making a new soundtrack for the Freedoom games? They could really use some good music, and a lot of the tracks they have now is either totally inappropriate or sounds like a cat got loose on the composer's keyboard. I bet you could make a badass set of industrial-tech tracks that would suit the project really well.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Never thought about it, but that might be fun... it really depends if they want General MIDI music or not, though.  I'm severely out of practice with General MIDI ^_^;

    4. Varis Alpha

      Varis Alpha

      given the project's switch to vanilla limitations, i assume anything other than MIDI music isn't going to be accepted. if it were still Boom it could've worked, since IIRC PRBoom+ has support for streamed audio, with loop-points.