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  1. That strange feeling when you're listening to industrial music and you can't tell if the strange sound you just heard came from the music, your car, or something outside your car.

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      hahahahahaha exactly XD  Or sometimes I'm like, "Is that a police siren following me?  Or is there one nearb- oh, it's just the music."

    3. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      I'm trying out some wireless headphones right now. It's not always clear whether the static is supposed to be there or not.


      But at least my doubts don't involve anything big, expensive, and potentially dangerous.

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      That's why I stay away from industrial when I am on may around. It's got quite a few things to it that really make for a nice short moment of paranoia. Not that the stuff I usually listen to is any better in that regard, but industrial just hits the tone a bit better when it comes to seemingly "environmental" sources.