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  1. That I can do this sort of thing in Lisp, with the macro remaining type-safe and also being confined to a single block, still blows my mind to this day.  And this isn't even impressive code.

            ((update-project-dir (arg-name accessor)
                  ;; Update the directory if an argument calls for it
                  (when (cl-arg-parser:get-argument-value args ,arg-name)
                    (setf (,accessor project)
                           (cl-arg-parser:get-argument-value args ,arg-name))))
                  ;; Merge in the project's base directory, then remove cruft
                  (setf (,accessor project) (cl-fad:merge-pathnames-as-directory
                                             proj-dir (,accessor project)))
                  (setf (,accessor project) (cl-fad:canonical-pathname
                                             (,accessor project))))))
          (update-project-dir "wave-folder" source-dir)
          (update-project-dir "resampled-folder" resampled-dir)
          (update-project-dir "mp3-folder" mp3-dir)
          (update-project-dir "vorbis-folder" vorbis-dir)
          (update-project-dir "opus-folder" opus-dir)
          (update-project-dir "flac-folder" flac-dir))


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    2. Empyre


      By a long time ago, I mean 1988. That Lisp a programming language, not a macro language, and it was supposed to be good for AI. I never used it since then, so I remember very little about it.


      I remember reading that somebody had made a version of it with every letter S replaced with TH, and he called it Lithp. That was very thilly of him.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      lol, lotth of irrithating superfluousth paranthesiths.


      Yeah, this is the same language family.  It's not a macro language, but a full programming language.  MACROLET just happens to deal with macros.

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Yeah, well... I have no idea what's going on there, so it looks impressive to me.