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  1. Made this for dinner tonight, but I wasn't paying attention and added way too much pork.


    So... ants harvesting a dense forest of vines?

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    2. Albertoni


      The language is easy to abuse to make some simple silly poetry, so they obviously do that.


      There's a Brazilian dish called "vaca atolada", "cow stuck in mud" that's almost the same thing, but with cow and cassava instead of pork and noodles. When done right, it does turn into a thick cream.

      The story for that one is that when a cow did get stuck, you couldn't get to the lower meats, so they just killed it, took off the rib meat and that was it. It's traditionally done with rib meat, but eh. Traditions are made to be improved. :P

    3. rd.


      That reminds me: I want to try century eggs one day. I've never heard of 'ants climbing up a tree', but now I'm tempted to look up some 'interestingly' named foods. 

    4. GarrettChan


      @rdwpa Oh, I remember that this thing was said to be one of the most disgusting foods in the world? Lol. It's funny that the English name sounds like an expired egg or something like that. Besides eating it directly, one classic is porridge with this and water-cooked pork slice (don't know whether this is described correctly...).