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  1. Now that I'm mostly past being sick, I'm back to working more consistently on my Doom and Quake maps.  Having that break gave me time to step back, examine them, and decide how I want to continue to approach them moving forward.


    My Doom map, ultimately, is just going to be a one-off deal.  That idea of having a prequel to SoTNR is still something I'm passionate about doing, but not with this map.  I just don't have access to the resources I need to realize my SoTNR prequel at this time.  So it'll just be a standalone map, with no connection to SoTNR as far as story goes.


    In a lot of ways, this map has become a sort of experimental playground for me, where I'm practicing with larger areas, different textures, and really pushing the lighting style I had in SoTNR map 03 further.  I also really wanted to revisit the idea of having an XBAWKS HUEG map that was divided into different major areas, like in Extreme Terror.  So, that's the direction I'm heading.  The map starts outside, leads into a sort of outer temple, then heads into an underground dungeon/crypt.  From there it will head into an inner temple, then into a torture/sacrifice area.


    The Quake map is also just a one-off map that I'm using as a learning tool.  It's very straight forward and doesn't experiment much.  What's funny, though, is that it actually shares some rooms with my Doom map, yet changes very drastically after the first two or three rooms.  This is because my Doom map started off as an experiment to see how well I could recreate my Quake map in GZDoom.


    So yeah.  Extreme Terror was more experimental, SoTNR was not.  The new map is experimental again.  It's like my Doom maps are matching how I approach writing music :-P

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Yeah, it feels pretty positive - especially the part where I'm not coughing up a lung XD


      The maps are going to be interesting, for sure.  My music albums always follow the pattern (intentional or not) of More Experimental -> More Solid -> More Experimental -> More Solid... and that seems to work pretty well for them.  Like the album I'm working on now is much more experimental, where I'm playing around with dark ambient and my first 2-CD release.  Waveforms was more a refining of ideas I experimented with in the album that came before it.  Modeling my Doom releases after this "feels right" to me.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Yeah, breathing is so much more fun when your lungs stay inside your body while doing so. Seems like you have a lot of projects going on yet again. Make sure not to overwork yourself.

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Thanks, I will :)  It's about the same amount, except the addition of a Quake map and the subtraction of the programming I was working on.