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  1. Well I finally finished* area two of my Doom map.  For the ending of it, I decided to do a mini boss fight involving a cyberdemon and some spawning mobs.  I wouldn't call it an IoS area by any means, but it's just vaguely similar in that mobs will occasionally spawn.  Unfortunately I can't explain much more, or I'd give the fight away, and I would much rather it be a surprise.


    With this, the map is about 45-50% done.  I'll probably take a short (week or so) break to work on music now that it's finished.


    Anyway, screenshots of the map and the boss area sans monsters:








    5332 sectors so far.  Yeah this is going to be my largest map to date.


    *I still have some detailing and testing to finish, so it's "done" in that it's playable and looks good enough that I'm not gouging my eyes out, and I feel that I can move onto a new area.