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  1. My new music album is definitely finished composition-wise, and is about half finished in terms of final mixing and mastering.  The title of it is going to be "Dead Star", and it will continue the trend I started with "Waveforms" where it includes some trance, some EBM-ish tracks, and dark ambient songs.  Two of the songs already appeared in SoTNR's soundtrack, but in truth, they were written for this album before I decided to use them in SoTNR.


    Tracklist with tentative order, and basic song descriptions in italics:


    1. The Corax (dark ambient soundtracky thing, from SoTNR)
    2. Cyber-Unit 629 (trance)
    3. Rabio (EBM/industrial, the Esperanto word for "rabies")
    4. Lenore (gothic industrial-ish)
    5. Dead Star (ambient, from SoTNR)
    6. Searching for My Identity (trance/Futurepop)
    7. Snowy (ambient)
    8. Back to Darkness (ambient)
    9. In a Dream (trance)
    10. Ĉarpentisto (retrowave-inspired, the Esperanto word for "Carpenter")
    11. Forlasu Ĉian Esperon, Ĉiuj ke Enrius Ĉi Tien (ambient, "Abandon All Hope, Those Who Enter Here" in Esperanto)
    12. The Internationale (Cover) (synthy cover of the theme song for socialism)

    From the looks of it, the album will definitely be out by December 5th.  One nice thing about taking so long to make this one is that I managed to get a lot of the balancing/tweaking work I usually do at the end finished ahead of time.


    Album art:



    I think as far as my music hobby goes, I'm start experimenting with chiptune stuff and more minimal DAW/synth setups after this.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Looking forward to it. Is there any word on the dubstep thingy you made some time ago which may or may not have become part of this album?

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Ahh yeah, I decided not to release it as part of this album.  It's kinda "finished", but I wasn't happy with how it turned out.  So I'll continue to work on it and release it as part of a single.  I always seem to do Album->Single->Album->Single anyway.