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  1. Umbra of Fate is one very long level, but it's conceptually divided up into four areas, sorta like Extreme Terror was.  In order to test a level this large, what I do is I play through each section three times, recording my health/ammo/armor/# of deaths/time at the end of each run.  Then I take the average, move the player start to the beginning of the next area, then adjust what I start with in an ACS script.  I then repeat this for every difficulty except ITYTD and Nightmare.  It's a bit tedious, but it seems to work fairly well.  It's what I did for SoTNR as well, except I didn't have to adjust the numbers after each level since each one was a pistol/shotgun start.


    Anyway, these are some interesting numbers from my Ultra-Violence playtesting of UoF tonight:



    Area 1

    Average number of deaths for only this area: About 9

    Average time: About 17 minutes

    Average inventory at end of area:

    • Health: 91
    • Armor: 19
    • Shells 28
    • Bullets: 92
    • Rockets: 0
    • Cells: 40


    Area 2

    Average number of deaths for only this area: about 19

    Average time: About 24 minutes

    Average inventory at end of area:

    • Health: 74
    • Armor: 49
    • Shells 47
    • Bullets: 87
    • Rockets: 30
    • Cells: 124


    I don't have stats for areas 3 or 4 yet since I didn't test them tonight.  I'll do those sometime tomorrow.


    Something new I added in UoF was a short script that takes health/ammo/armor numbers every 20 seconds and averages them together over time.  These numbers can be reset as-needed, which helps me judge individual fights and rooms a bit better.


    Ugh I hate playtesting levels >_<



    Bonus image:



    Bonus image 2:



    1. MrDeAD1313


      That screenshot is amazing. The colors!!!