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  1. School's out, summer's started, and I'm now working full time. What do I get to do? Sit on my rear for most of the day, playing games, and making levels in Doom and Unreal Tournament. Not bad for $11.83/hr., if I may say so myself.

    Sabrena's out of school too, and just recently got back from Cali. Going to call her this weekend, if her mom's not getting married, and ask her out for next week finally.

    Somehow, my friend Matt got me on a MUSH. An all-female-character Mush at that. So, I'm known as Naomi. And Naomi's already got a fiancee on there, too! The cool part, however, is how I did my personal "room" in there. I've got one in this downed airship-turned-house. Well, since I can't draw worth anything, and I can link to a picture in the description, I made a simple Unreal level of the room, took a screenshot, and put it up. It's at http://www.du.edu/~ahunt/room1.jpg and http://www.du.edu/~ahunt/room2.jpg if you're interested.

    Went to the mall last night and played some good DDR. Passed Era and Healing Vision both on maniac without a problem, and nearly got an "A" with all Perfects on both Matsuri Japan and Healing Vision Angelic Mix on basic. My goal before the end of this month is to pass Matsuri Japan on maniac. I'm almost there, as I know all the steps and can pass it when I put the speed on 4/5 in training mode (5/5 is full speed, ~180bpm). It's just a matter of endurance now.

    I've been introduced to another band as well. They're called E Nomine, and sound like very dark industrial techno/trance mixed with orchestral sounds and a bit of Rammstein. They sing in German. So far, my favorite song is called "Das Tier In Mir" (The Animal In Me).

    Got my new subs installed in my car. Two 10" 300w subs in a bass-reflex box and an Alpine 250w sub with Bass Engine. They pound very nice!

    Also started working on a new trance song. I only have the introduction area finished, and it still needs work, but if you want, here's the WIP mp3 (already out of date, as I layered the "melody" with a DanceStack1, sounds much better): http://www.du.edu/~ahunt/Trance2.mp3