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  1. I was checking out my friend's lj and found another cool quiz. This time, I don't think it's been posted here...

    My results:

    And the link to it It's at Quizilla, so it may take just a moment to load.

    I've decided to try and build a simple Mega Man clone in VB6 for no reason other than I want to. It's going to be pretty simple, as I'm not that good at programming, but it should at least be playable. Right now, I'm working on the level editor. So far, it'll setup a simple, makeshift grid system, scrollbars, preload the graphics for the map (which I have a whole two graphics for!), as well as display a "Graphic Selection" window. So, iow...it's not doing very much right now.

    Looks like we've finally got four members in our party for Quakecon this year. This should be an interesting experience, as I've never taken a roadtrip with just friends. Actually, three of the four of us never have. And one is my ex-girlfriend's brother. The same ex who I still love, lol