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  1. God, I'm so tired this morning. Either I'm staying up to late this week, or just getting fatigued from working eight hours a day and driving two more hours. I'm thinking it may be a combination of both. I should probably start going to bed at 11:00 rather than 12:00.

    Last night I was looking stuff up on DJ Frankie Knuckles (one of my favorite DJs) and came across a website which I had come across before, but never really appreciated it's form. The way everything is hyperlinked is really cool. If you want good historical information on techno, house, and DJs, or just want to see what I mean, here's the address: jahsonic.com

    I've been finding it harder and harder to write non-dance songs lately. It's very strange, but the truth. I've already got one done for my next CD, about 1/3 of the way through another, and have yet another one lined up in my head (going Acid House now). Maybe I can get my DJ friend to help me make a true continuous mix of these when I'm finished.

    I can't wait for Quakecon to come! I'm practicing some sort of FPS, either UT, UT2003, or Q3, everyday now to get ready. My boss is actually telling me to do this! She's let me put Quake3 on a few computers at work to practice, as my comp still doesn't work. I've got to call them again...and really complain... Anyway, it looks like I'm going with Matt, Jon, and Sabrena's brother. We're probably going to take the New Mexico route down to Texas, as it's been recommended to us by more people than anything else.

    And now that I'm at work...I just preordered the new Kraftwerk album. I'm just in total euphoria now! Ha ha! Yes! W00t! Cowabunga! He he! Woo woo! *runs around room 'till dead from exhaustion*