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  1. Our pool is, finally, almost fixed. All that's left to do is for the pool guy to finish off some minor repairs at our filter and pump, put the carpet back, and for me to clean it out. In the end, he had to break up the concrete decking in three different places around the pool to find the leak. It was finally found in a small plastic elbow joint at the corner near the fence. So, we should be swimming by next week! I'll see if I can get a picture of it when it's fixed.

    Went and did some DDR again last night. I'm definitely improving, as I can now pass Max300 with a B. Also did some other stuff, like passing Era yet again on maniac, Kick the Can, Candy, and other cool songs. I actually never did do Healing Vision on maniac, which is strange. I almost always do that one, since I can get a B on it.

    Got the new Kraftwerk album on preorder now. Once again on cd and a 2-vinyl package. Also, if you go here, you can view their little advertisement/sample of their single.

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      Yay. That's great.