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  1. Well, my cd and vinyl of the new Kraftwerk single "Tour de France 2003" arrived today. My thoughts? Kraftwerk are gods.

    Upon first listen, I could already tell that this was Kraftwerk. After all these years, they're still in a league of their own, and still sound unique. The lush and amazing sounds they have forged for this release are breathtaking and fit the song perfectly. Many different effects and filters were obviously layered onto these aural pieces of candy, and all are carried out in a precision that only they can achieve.

    And talk about danceable...I can't stop grooving to it! Amazingly rich in the rhythm area for a bunch of 50 year old German guys.

    I may try rearranging one of these tracks. Possibly Version 1 or the Long Distance Version.

    Lyrics, info, and all that other nice stuff is at http://kraftwerk.technopop.com.br

    Kraftwerk...well done!

    1. Grogglogobofink


      hmmm, new kraftwerk? perhaps it's time i load slsk.org]soulseek.