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  1. Hmm, interesting weekend...started off on Thursday actually. The lights went out at work, so we were all forced to leave at about 1:30. So, I left and headed straight for the mall, and subsequently the DDR machines there. While I was there, I passed Kick the Can on maniac, first try ever, with a B, as well as got two ladies who looked to be in their late 40's to mid 50's to try it. They actually loved it, and were still playing by the time I left. It looked like they had two granddaughters there with them, one of which looked close to my age. But, she didn't take notice to my semi-1337 DDR moves... :(

    Then, yesterday,got a haircut at my godmother's salon. My normal barber, as it turns out, is closed July 4th through the 26th. So, I went to the person whom I still call "Godmommy". After that, I went to the mall with my friend where I bought Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball and The Thing. The Thing I'd played before, and it's quite a good game. DoAXBV...well, it's actually unusually addicting, and not because of the women in it. I actually enjoy playing the volleyball matches, as well as in the casino. And somehow, I enjoy collecting things in it that have no value whatsoever.

    We then went to the Westminster mall, where, of course, more DDR was played. This time, I passed Kick the Can on maniac with a B, but I was literally one step away from an A. I missed just ONE STEP, with like 63 or 67 greats and the rest perfects. I think I stepped a bit too far out of one box...

    And then came today...I found $300 in my drawer which I didn't know I still had. So, I'm going to go buy a digital camera this week. And I finally washed my car's outside.