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  1. I installed Topologi Linux yesterday. It's very close to Slackware Linux, except no partitioning is needed. It runs on the same partition as Windows. So far, I like it. I run Linux most of the time, and when I need to, I just reboot into Windows XP. So, no real problems, except...

    When I first logged in as root, I used the GUI KDE 3.1. Nice GUI, but after a while, I logged in as myself (andrew) and switched my GUI to GNOME. I like this one alot better. Unfortunately I can't seem to get root to switch over to GNOME. Any suggestions?

    And anyone know a good MUSH/Muck client for Linux? I downloaded one for GNOME, but I need root permissions to compile it :(.

    Other than that, I was looking through my drawer the other day and found $300. Heh, I forgot that I had kept it in there for safe keeping. I think I'll go buy a huge firewire hard drive now. Like the 120gig range. And a new double keyboard stand for my synth stuff.

    1. EricHerrera


      I wish I had suggestions for switching the shell, but am a Mandrake user. But if you do find a good client, let me know will you? I have been MU**ing through the terminals which is ok but I miss my mushclient or zmud.

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Actually, I've been running MuckClient for Windows under the emulator Wine. Works great, no problems.