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  1. I have no idea what's up with the subject line. I hate subjects...

    Yesterday, Chuck (this guy who works in the office next to me) and I spent the day playing DDR on my PSX and watching anime. At work. I passed Paranoia on trick with a B, as well as nearly passing it on maniac. My legs just couldn't take it and I let a whole slew of notes go by(and I was only like 8 bars away from the end!) He did good, too. We found a way cool song called...uhh...whatever that one with the blue logo is on Konamix.

    The anime we watched was "Otaku no Video". Wow, those people are obsessed! Some were sad, and I almost felt bad for them (like the 2nd one interviewed). The animation was cool, though, and was quite hilarious. I like Kubo, he's cool. And Ueno was hot, as was Sato. Too bad they're cartoons (or...wait...Anime, sorry :P). I'm going to go buy myself a copy tomorrow to help watch for symptoms and apply medication as necessary :)

    Also qualified for a UT2003 clan this weekend. I now have to be known as "-=AU=-T|Misato" on servers, lol. I just need to reinstall UT2003 and all those updates (good thing for DSL here and a T3 at work), and then I can start practicing with them.

    Oh, and here's a pic (jpeg) and movie (Quicktime format, 11.2 megs) of me doin' DDR. This was the song "Era" on Maniac on my home pad (which are harder, imo. Much better in the arcade). Passed with a B:


    1. Darkstalker


      TeamKill said:

      Yesterday, Chuck (this guy who works in the office next to me) and I spent the day playing DDR on my PSX and watching anime.

      Wow looks like a nice job, doesn't seem to be stressfull :P

      I didn't know the arcade and psx version were different (GUI). I thought it was the same. Heh what did you to your pad ? It looks hard making the difference between stepping on the arrow and hitting blank since it all on 1 surface. I wouldn't dare modding mine for the price I paid (2 ignition 2.0) :) I find easier to pass songs on the pad since I don't have my shoes which weights a ton. It gives me a hard time when there are 3x the same arrow like in era.

      My friend who I always DDR with found a camera during a show and he wants to record his "death course" (Max300, MAXX, Legend of MAX - no pause between songs). I might upload it when we get a chance.

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      The GUIs the same as one of the mixes, I remember that...don't know which. 4th, I think.

      I taped my pad to a piece of plywood and then put a piece of clear vinyl floor covering over it. Nothing was actually done to the pad, it doesn't hurt it at all. It's just gently sandwiched between the two. There's instructions for it at ddrfreak.com

      To me, it makes using the soft home pads much easier, as they don't slide and it registers areas like that 3-in-a-row arrows in Era easier. Those, I can do on the pad with ease.