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  1. Went by the bookstore at school yesterday (after receiving some news that I should) and found some cool free stuff sitting out front. I now have a new 10base-T 3Com NIC card (old, yes, but better than nothing, especially since I'll only use it for hubbing my comps at home in a very simple way). And I also picked up a free copy of Turbo Pascal 7.0 by Borland. Unfortunately, it's on four 3.5" floppies, so I'll have to wait 'till I can put them on CD to install it. But, looks like I'll be learning Pascal and Turbo Visual now. Yay, another programming language to learn!

    This week was an odd week. Since I worked with Chuck last weekend, I had Monday and Tuesday off, meaning that I went back to work on Wednesday. Now I'm off again, and it just doesn't feel right. I'd rather be working, actually. On top of that, Thursday I started working on my first AMV, combining Rammstein's "Mutter" with Evangelion clips. I was so into it that day, I actually missed lunch. Which, for me, is very strange indeed.

    I'm about 1/4 of the way finished with the AMV. I get to do it on a dual-processor Mac G4 with dual monitors and Final Cut Pro 4. Heh, so cool to be using this stuff...I've got the first section of the song done, and about half of the second, as well as the little quiet section of the song where it has all those strings and the guy yells "Mutter!" I found the perfect section from Evangelion for that!

    Somehow...I haven't played DDR since last weekend. Maybe that's why this week feels strange. I did get an adapter in the mail to hook my PSX pad up to my computer through USB, so now I can practice more songs at home finally. Like...Dam Dariam, When The Saints Go Marching, Sakura, and Paranoia (all on maniac, except Sakura on Oni).

    QuakeCon is getting near, and I'm getting more excited. We never did find a fourth member to go, so it looks like it'll be three of us. And we're probably just going to use our own cars rather than rent one. Which I have no problem with. After all, I've got subs to keep me entertained now!

    Though, I think I'm starting to loose my hearing because of them. I bought the Evanescence cd (which I absolutely love...and Amy Lee's hot as hell), and this has kinda put me back into a hard rock/metal sort of mood. This week, I've pretty much only listened to them and Rammstein (a little Linkin Park thrown in there as well). And I listen to it so loud, I think it's affecting me. Best turn it down, especially since I need my hearing to record stuff. Now lets see if I actually follow through with that.

    I think Becca's going to be having her surgery soon. I hope everything goes alright for her. I'll be thinking about her and hoping the best.