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  1. I just got done trying out the multiplayer demo here at QuakeCon of Doom 3. There are no words to describe how unbelievably cool it was, but I'll try to find some.

    So, it starts out with us walking into the same chamber that it was used at E3 (except, it has four like cubicles inside). Once there, we are told to configure our controlls and then told how to get into multiplayer (by Keven Cloud, none-the-less...who's hand I got to shake!) Then, the fun begins.

    The level was definitly a military base on Phobos. Lots of grey-blue, but also some great reds, greens, browns, and other color (just the right balance, too). It was a very technological level. There were glass panes to shoot out, lights to shoot, and a special hellish-area with a hanging body to test out the amazing rag-doll physics that it has. In the center was this laser beam area, where every two minutes, well, you didn't want to be there. However, when it wasn't glowing red, you could go down the center, where huge semi-circles were rotating. At the bottom, you could pick up a berzerk powerup and then go through the teleporter.

    That teleporter ride, btw, is AWESOME. It's like a fire/lava style wormhole with this hellish-human screem.

    The berzerk pack was one of my favorite parts. The screen begins to wave and blur, similar to the effect used in Metal Gear Solid 1. You run around faster than normal, your fists held up, and just pummle opponents. Also, when you see someone with the powerup, their upper torso is this skeleton with red burning flames around them. ├╝ber cool stuff.

    The weapons on the map were fists, a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, plasma gun, and rocket launcher. All were standard, except for the plasma gun. This time, the bolts of plasma move just a tad bit slower. Oh, and the rockets aren't quite as powerful as the first game, but as Keven Cloud pointed out, they're working on weapon balance now. I never did get to find a rocket launcher, but tried the rest.

    So, that's it for now. I'm sure I forgot to mention something.

    Oh yeah. THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Armaetus


      Can you burn a copy to CDs and leak it for all of us? ;D


    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Shaviro said:

      Cool! How does it look compared to the old version? Is it same design or completely different or...?

      The gun looks different, yes. In fact, I thought I had picked up a machine gun....but, I didn't pay attention to the on-screen first-person version.

      The bolts look close, yes.

    4. BlueSonnet


      It's times like this why i hate to live in england since nothing that special happens over here. :(