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  1. Last weekend, I kinda had an unfortunate event happen with my DDR pad (or, if you prefer, you may read that line: "Andrew can't bridge a DDR pad worth crap"). So, since it would no longer work, I had to go buy a new one. I went over and got a Mad Catz pad instead, and so far I like it better. However, since I had to trash my old pad, and the vinyl covering holding it in place on the ply wood, I no longer have a hard pad. So, I guess I need to go get some more plywood (larger, this time), more vinyl covering, some foam (since the plywood, I found out, was shredding my pad), some tape, and some ice cream (for afterwards).

    Even if I am using a soft pad, which I normally am horribe with, I was able to get some real good practice in with Paranoia Rebirth (190bpm) on maniac. I can nearly pass it with a C, now that I've figured out a few tricks on the song, like the foot switch around measure 30. I expect to pass it, at full speed, within a few weeks.

    Also, got WarCraft II Battle.net Edition and C&C Renegade. WC2 BNE is great! I've been playing a little online, using a few StarCraft strategies. So far my record is like 3-0-0 or 4-0-0. Soon...those will increase :)

    Speaking of StarCraft, I'm defintely getting better at that game on Battle.net. I've been playing $$$Fastest Map Possible V5$$$ a lot, and find it very enjoying. My friend Viet (who goes by likuid_killer or likuid_kid on Bnet) has been working with me, teaching me stuff.

    Btw, I'm known as "Misato_K" on Bnet.

    Renegade is also a pretty cool game. Runs just a tad bit sluggish on my computer, but I think it's mainly due to a bad CD-Rom, messed up chip somewhere inside, and the fact that it's on a firewire HD. As soon as I get my new Alienware, however (which will be Tuesday!), I'll definitely be playing this one more. Graphics aren't too good, and it pisses me off that I can't assign "attack" to ctrl, but oh well.

    Also, why is it that when I start trying to loose weight by eating less, excercising (lots of DDR), and drinking less pop, I gain five pounds rather than loose five?

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    2. Epyo




    3. sgtcrispy


      the five pounds would be muscle. since it's denser than fat you won't notice much muscle gain, but see the difference in your weight.
      that happens when you exercise while trying to lose weight.

      "Its a good thing!"

      see, paying attention in high school does pay off! (in Health class at least)

    4. Danarchy


      Aslo, five pounds is shit compared to my 250 lbs of flesh.