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  1. Given that I haven't touched C++ in quite a while, have only used the Borland IDE (like 5.2, I think), and have only had one class (a highschool introductory class at that), this may seem like quite a stupid qustion. But, i admit, I'm a n00b at C++.

    When I used Borland, there were two header files known as dos.h and conio.h (also one called constrea.h, but that was conio and iostream put together, iirc). In these two headers were two functions, sleep() and clrscr(), respectivly. Now that I'm using the KDevelop IDE in Linux, where can I either:

    1. Find these header files and get them to work.
    2. Find equivilant functions

    The header files in my C++ include directory are v3.2.2, it seems. Conio isn't in there. i do have stdlib, stdio, and all the ANSI ones, though. As well as a ton of C libraries.

    1. kain


      do wha???

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      kain said:

      do wha???

      I'm essentially asking for equivilants of sleep() and clrscr(). And gotoxy() and textcolor(), now that I think about it...

    3. kain


      o ok. dont ask me, i just hang out here.