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  1. So, lets see what my weekend so far has consisted of...

    Friday night, I went to see Yoichi Watanabe again (the taiko drummer). This time, he did less of a demonstration and more of a concert, which he played with the Denver Taiko. The music was outstanding and breathtaking. I'm finding that I really love taiko music. The demonstrations he put on were also really cool. He actually played various other, non-taiko styles on them. This included rhumba, samba, African-style music, and one other style which escapes me at the moment. Overall, it was a very good concert.

    Also, Thursday I went and bought Soul Calibur 2 for XBox. It's a good game, though I prefer DC's SC1 over it. Still, it will keep me entertained for a while.

    Today, I went and did DDR with my friends Josh and Chuck at a place called Fat City. Today's achievments include Sakura on Trick, Healing Vision Angelic Mix on Trick, Max300 on Trick, nearly passing Sakura on Maniac (I have no endurance...and this was the last song i had tried), almost passing Matsuri Japan on maniac again (once again, endurance problems), and a few other cool things. 8th Mix is fun. Very fun.

    Tonight...I just installed a 2nd CD-Burner on my new Alienware, so I'll copy some CDs to back them up. I also plan on showing a few episodes of Serial Experiments Lain to my mom, hehe. And record some things.