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  1. I was worried there for a second. Tonight, I took TopologiLinux off my new Alienware, added a new parition, and setup a dual-boot between WindowsXP and RedHat Linux 8. I was doing good...'till I decided to add NTFS file support and recompile my kernel.

    Somehow, my bootloader was changed from Grub (which worked fine) to Lilo (which was a bitch). I've spent the past hour trying to figure this out. Each time I went to boot into Windows, it wouldn't find it. Why? Lilo couldn't read past cylinder 1024. How did I fix it? I added one line to the lilo.conf:


    This fixed everything. Haven't gotten back into Grub (which even looked better), but at least it boots now.

    Whew...now I can go get a good 4 hours sleep before my first day of school.

    1. fraggle


      Why Redhat 8 and not Redhat 9?

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      fraggle said:

      Why Redhat 8 and not Redhat 9?

      I think I burned my RH9 CDs wrong. They wouldn't install. I'll try an upgrade tonight. Otherwise, I'd be in 9.