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  1. Fall's definitely arrived here in Colorado. Today was the first day I could smell it. It's strange when you walk outside and can actually smell a season. But, I'm glad it's here. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. Since it's colder, all the more reason to snuggle with girls (one of my personal favorite things to do).

    Today I went and did some DDR yet again. I passed Max 300 on trick for the first time, as well as Tsugaru on maniac with a B. I don't even want to play DDR again for at least a few days now. My legs can't take it.

    I also think the world will end soon. I got a phone number and e-mail from a Japanese foregin exchange student. She actually wants to meet me outside of classes to listen to JPop. And then, the girl I realy like in C++ class actually came up to me after class, started a conversation, and walked me back to work (which is on-campus). All this in just two days...

    1. Ralphis


      You go you transvestite pimp you!

    2. Danarchy


      Ralphis said:

      You go you transvestite pimp you!

      Transvestite otaku pimp.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      the_Danarchist said:

      Transvestite otaku pimp.