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  1. It's been a somewhat busy weekend this time 'round. Saturday was spent driving my grandpa to Home Depot, followed immediately with me driving my mom to the same place. I hate when I have to do stuff like that...and then of course at dinner time, when I went to go pick dinner up, I end up breaking the tip of my key off in my car door.

    Today was better, but still busy. Had two trips over to Home Depot again, got my key out of my door, mowed the lawn, and fixed a toilet.

    But, the weekend wasn't all bad. Saturday I e-mailed a Japanese girl who's a foregin exchange student attending my school. I'm hoping she e-mails back soon...I'm wondering if she accepts my offer to take her out to eat.

    And tonight I watched "Gojira tai Megaguirasu", aka "Godzilla vs. Megaguiras". It's one of the two subtitled Godzilla movies I received this week, and is one that hasn't been released (afaik) here in the US yet. And damn is it good! It has an EXCELLENT fight at the end, one that really kept me glued. And the acting isn't all that bad, either. The lead actress was also pretty cute. And what's really amazing is that this was Masaaki Tezuka's first movie that he directed...that's simply amazing!

    My only complaint is that...satellites don't fall out of orbit because they run out of fuel, lol