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  1. Whew, finally! After about a year and a half of mappers-block, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. Doom Builder, which I just tried out a few days ago, has greatly helped. Along with getting me much further in Kill E3M4 in about 1/9th the time it would have taken me before. I now expect Kill to be done by Christmas. Finally! I totally fell in love with this editor. I think it'll help with Hypomnesia

    Other than that...I got a Live Journal now. livejournal.com/users/dj_haruko I'll use that for normal stuff, and the blogs here for Doom-related stuff, I guess.

    1. Ichor


      I really hate it when that happens. Usually, it happens when I'm starting a map. Many times I'd try one idea, then delete it when I find that it looks terrible, then another, etc. Once I get the map going, I have little to no trouble in finishing it, although there are times when I can't think of anything good to put in a certain area.

    2. Melfice


      Heh, I just plain went on hiatus from Doom. I zipped everything up, burned it across two CD-Rs, and deleted the stuff from my computer. Now I map for Q3A exclusively.