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  1. Yeah, it's me, TeamKill. I'm just using my techno/DJ name now.

    Let's see if I can use this thread for something usefull...

    Anyone hear of the whitestripes.com]White Stripes? My co-worker has been playing their song "Seven Nation Army" over and over at work and it's really gotten me hooked on them.

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    2. Jonathan


      I'd like to hear what Sideshow Mel has to say

    3. toxicfluff


      I'm sick to death of the retro-resurrection craze, dunno about anywhere else, but exhuming old bands' music styles and throwing your wardrobe back a few decades is all the rage in the UK. Out of the lot though, the White Stripes are certainly one of the better bands.

    4. Danarchy


      Ultraviolet said:

      Dan: They are pretty linear, as in like repetitive and boring and with no noticable nuances or talent and stuff.

      That's why my statement is doubly funny.