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  1. meh, I'm on a DDR kick this week or something. The other night I found out I'm quite good at Rhythm and Police on maniac. And this morning I almost passed Bag on maniac without any modifiers in StepMania. So this is for any DDR players out there.

    What are your favorite DDR songs to play?

    I personally like (all on maniac) Dream a Dream, Drop Out, Sakura, Rhythm and Police, Ecstasy, Matsuri Japan, Holic, and my all time favorite, Era. Oh, and the original mix of So Deep, which is not in any of the official Konami games.

    The original, long version of DXY! (also not on any Konami game) is also really good just as a general song. 5 minutes of acid!

    1. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      heh, I assume I'm one of the few, if not only, DDR-player here.

    2. Darkstalker


      Well I used to play a lot before I started on drummania :P I still play a few games when I have time tho. Bag is one of my fav in the arcade, it's a big crowd gatherer :P By looking at my current winamp playlist I'll list my favs. I only play maniac so I won't write it for all :

      Exothic Ethnic (my all time fave), Sakura, Bag, Rythm and Police, So Deep, Tsugaru, Paranoia Survivor, Max300, Holic, Long version of Era (hard but doable), Mikeneko Rock, Across the Nightmare(oni), Afronova, AM3P(Love the beat), Be Lovin', Daikenkai, Stoic and Legend of Max(fun when I pass it, hate it when I fail)

      Mmh long version of DXY ? Pm ? ;)