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  1. We just started our 3rd (and last) quarter for the year at my school. In this new programming class I'm in, we're supposed to have a project that we work on for the entire quarter (which is 10 weeks long), involves a fair degree of complexity to what we normally do, and should push us to learn a new thing here or there.

    Well, we're allowed to work in groups. So my group consists of me and my two friends, Annie and Mercedes. Neither of them have much experience programming. I have no problem doing most of the programming as long as they attempt some of it (which I will make them do).

    Anyways, we've decided to make a game. But, we have absolutely no ideas as to what to make. The only good suggestion we've had is a text-adventure similar to the old Hitchiker's Guide to The Galaxy one. None of us know how to do graphics (although I'm slowly learning SVGAlib, and we can ask the teacher to cover it in class this quarter). Also, we'd like to not use DirectX or Windows.

    So, any good ideas for what game we could make or recreate? Or even ideas for something other than a game?

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    2. darknation


      the year is 2079... you are the reanimated zombie corpse of adolf hitler. You start off as a skeleton and you must find suitable body parts to replace your mouldering corpse and resume the visage of the Furher.

      You discover that the remains of your left nut has been preserved along with Ron Hubbard's right nut at Scientology Flag, and using voodoo magic you must raise the third reich from the grave and battle the evil scientologists who are using the combined power of the Two Testicles to energise their Scientology death ray.

      After you destory the scientologists, you must rise into the sky and do battle yourself with Xenu and Ron Hubbard before gathering all the scientolgist souls and dumping them in a volcano and blowing the cunts up with an H-bomb.

      It would rule.

    3. Hellbent


      and you could have tom cruise and john travolta screaming and being upset and stuff

    4. Ultraviolet